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What age did you start smoking ganja?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by The Rolling Stoner, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. First smoked at 16 I believe. Started smoking more when I graduated school. At 18 started smoking almost once day in college.
  2. 17

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  3. First time was when I was 18 didn't start daily until I was 19
  4. 11 Years old and been high ever since

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  5. I came out the womb wit a blunt bish
  6. Around 18...didn't start smoking regularly until my 20s though.
  7. First time was around 15, only took 2 puffs and didn't like it. Didn't smoke it again until 27 (lol) and been a regular bong ripper since then.
  8. 15, Right after freshman exams some varsity football players smoked me out
  9. 11 occasionally then 12 heavy / moderately

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  10. You started smoking when you are 10 years old? Wtf op
  11. Lots of bad parents out there
  12. I started 21 with a boyfriend who introduced me to it. I didn't start buying it myself until age 23, and I've been quite happy since; I'm 25.
  13. At 12 I had my first shot of jack sip of beer cigarette dip of chew and most importantly the first time I smoked a bowl and it forever changed my life for the better the others not so much sadly didn't get laid till 14

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  14. 18. Damn near thirty years ago.
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  15. Smoked 3 times when I was 20. Had a bad experience on the 3rd time and put it off.

    Tried again a month ago (I'm 29) and love it!

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