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What age did you start smoking ganja?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by The Rolling Stoner, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. Ok, i got a 3.7 in highschool, and am doing great in collage but whatever

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  2. 20 I am now 60 and an EE for GE. If I hadn't smoked maybe I could have been successfull.

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    I didn't insinuate it would be bad for everyone, I just said it's highly inadvisable. Which is understandable since, if your brain is in it's key stages of development and it's under the influence of a psychoactive substance which changes the way you think, it's obviously likely to be potentially harmful in the long run. That's not to say it is for everyone, it's just increased risk :)
    Good for you doing good in highschool and college then  :smoke:
  4. When I was 14. Before then I thought weed would ruin your life, but in 8th grade my friends were doing it and they seemed alright enough, so why couldn't I smoke some dope?
  5. lol this year (22)

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  6. Late bloomer. 25.

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  7. I've been smoking since 15 or so, daily since 17.

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  8. Started at 15 years of age. IMO kids shouldn't smoke until 18+
  9. Smoked first at 12. Didn't get high till 13.
  10. Was never interested in weed in high school, the day after I graduated I tried it and have been daily ever since.
  11. Started at 15.
    What really bothers me, is I can remember my first time smoking. I didn't get high, like most don't their first time.
    I cannot for the life of me remember my first time actually getting high.
    Agreed with most in here, imo kids shouldn't smoke until they're 18+.
    I wouldn't say it effected my brain that much, but I'd say not remembering my first high is evidence enough, that it did a little damage atleast.
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    I didn't know your first high was forgettable.  :laughing: It took me 8 straight days of using bongs before I finally got high, and boy I will never forget that 8th day when it finally worked and I was high. There's a lot of people out there that still don't believe that it doesn't work for people their first few times, well it took me 8 days. I took a few hits out of a bong each day and I never got high until the 8th day.
  13. Wow 8 days straight? Yeah man lol it depress' me that I cannot remember my first high.
  14. 8th Grade, all of my friends and I slept over at another friends house and we all blazed, played guitar hero and madden. Then after we all bought some mountain dew, watched mighty ducks and passed out.
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    17 first time smoked from a gum wrapper joint. Didn't like it until 20 when i had my first edible half half of a cookie and my other friend had half. He started freaking out because he had never been that high and wanted to go to the hosipital lol
    I was then extremly high for 19 hours straight. I went to bed super high and I woke up still super high and like I had just time traveled because i thought it was at night. Went to work and was still blazed out of my mind having to talk to my manager and work on cars while blazed for half my shift.
  16. 17 was my first time. Could have started earlier though, since all my friends were stoners haha
  17. Late ...23years old

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  18. 13 almost 14. My bro and I would toke in his car (he was 17) before he would drop me off for school.

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