What advanced nutrients should I use?(want to drop lucas formula)

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  1. Forgot to answer this.

    I don't. But I think the ratios are more important than the brand in most cases. I think people should judge based on that. Again, that's based on how they read their plant and what they think it does or doesn't need.
  2. So, why are folks discussing stuff that seems to be opposite what the original poster asked?

    Didn't he ask what AN products he should use? And then all of these douches come in and refute what people with AN experience think? Sigh. This is why I hate these forums.
  3. Why are AN users so uh uh sensitive?..Must be the secret ingredients..
    Just asking?..
  4. Yeah, you're right scmc..pharmers are not douche bags, we're not, we're not..:D
  5. Has any one gotten away using micro and just bloom ph perfect those 2 and sensi cal grow 4-0-0
    Seems to work for me i do have grow ph perfect, but feeding once a day hand watering heavy i skip adding the grow, but i do adf it here and there. But thinking of purchasing just micro and bloom next time hell i got way more grow then micri and bloom too so il have alil anyways peace guys keep it real
  6. Ha. Exactly. Funny how the douche bit slipped under the radar. Maybe he's got him on ignore too.
  7. Did you guys hear about that nutrient company that makes excellent nutrients, doesn't care about profit, and has no marketing?

    Me neither.

    It's a frikkin' business. Every last one of them turns a profit or goes bankrupt. And I'll bet you anything that if we could actually look at the books we'd find that practically every last one of the nutrient brands runs almost exactly the same profit margin.

    Regardless, the attacks on people who spend more on a type of product than you do are ridiculous, and simply appear to be petty jealousy. "People only by a Mercedes if they're ignorant and have too much money to waste - what does that car do that my Ford Focus can't? I still get to where I'm going!"

    Yes, yes you do. But you get there in a Ford Focus. And there's not a damn thing wrong with that - BUT it's not a Mercedes. And it doesn't even matter whether the Mercedes is better in the slightest degree. Is the Mercedes owner happy with his car? Wonderful, who cares how much he spent? Are you happy with your Focus? Awesome, who cares how much you spent?

    The answer to both questions is the same: the person who spent it.

    I don't personally give a dead rat's a$$ how much someone spends on their nutrients. I'm happy with what I buy and if they're happy with what they buy that's the end of it as far as I'm concerned. Why? Because I'M HAPPY WITH MY CHOICES and I don't feel the need to belittle someone else to make my choices seem smarter to myself.

    I don't drive a Mercedes (or a Focus). People with nicer cars than me don't bother me at all. I don't need to berate someone for spending more than I want to or I'm capable of for a nicer care to make me feel better about the car I drive. I got exactly the car I wanted, it was within my budget, and maybe if I had more money I'd have gotten a different car. Who knows. But the point is that I'm happy so I don't need to attack the guy who spent more, try to convince him, others (and myself) that he's an idiot for spending too much because I don't need to soothe my ego because he owns a nicer (or simply more expensive) car than I do. It's not like they spent MY money to buy the car so why should I care?

    He made his choices, I made mine. I'm happy with mine, that's all that really matters to me. I hope he's happy with his but ultimately that's outside my control and thus outside the things that really bother me.

    Every SINGLE time I see someone attack Advanced Nutrients users with the ferocity that some people seem to have the only thing that comes to my mind is "why are they so mad that people can afford those nutrients?" Are they really trying to prove that the purchase of Advanced Nutrients products is proof of naivety - OR are they trying to prove to themselves that their decision to use something else is isn't really based on not having enough money, but rather that they're "smarter" than the people who do.

    Why isn't simply being happy with their own choices enough for those people? Why do they need to try to tear someone else down as well?
  8. Hey hydrocult, valid points for sure..
    But, but, you could've simply said,
    'To each their own' yeah!..And we can all have a smokefest afterwards..And live happily ever after, in the land of milk and honey, in far far away land..:smoke::wave:
  9. Exactly, you've made your point hydrocult now will you please stop waffling on with your car analogies. We've been through this enough times now and the argument remains the same.

    This isn't about money, it's about getting people to open their own eyes and make educated decisions for themselves by learning how to read the only thing on the bottle which matters -the product label. Not the marketing bluurgh.

    I've heard you going on in various threads with some garbage right out of the mouths of the AN sales team. That's not my style. I'm all about the gardening and trying to get people to understand what it is they're buying.

    Obviously that bit's eluding you so you're still talking about Mercedes and ford focuses...

    Just go and read the labels mate. You're boring me shitless.
  10. Pssst...don't you love it how that Watcher dude keeps talking at you as though you're listening?

  11. I put him on my ignore list... I couldn't take it... glad he's gone
  12. We all know about ignore lists... they're the thing you turn on so you get the option to view a post, before you do anyway :D yer kidding no one ;)

    I'd be more concerned with your overfed plants if I were you tihspeed. And getting your bud to leaf ratio down so you're not smoking so much horse feed come crop day ;)
  13. Off-topic. a lil monday morning humor..Hope it cheers peeps up..:smoke:

    Austin Powers: Hey minnie-me don't listen to that watcher dude, he's EVIL..
    Minnie-me: *shrugs*
    Number Two: I've put him on my ignore list, and besides no one is listening to him anyhow, hahahahaha..:D:D:D:D
    Austin Powers: Yeah Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!.....ha ha hahahahahahahah!:D:D:D:D

    Back on-topic
    What's this I hear Bud Candy makes your buds taste like, what?
  14. Dude. Straight up sweetness from that Bud Candy.
    Look and ask around with people that do and have used it. Everyone I talk to, myself included (the voices, the vOiCeS!!!), agrees that it makes for a sweeter bud.

    Think about how cotton candy smells. Like, you didn't taste it with your tongue, but you know it is sugary and sweet. It's that same kind of effect. Don't ask me why or how though. I mean, I tried to maybe offer some kind of explanation, but tbh it is a mystery to me. Something that I am aware plants do is produce sugars from their roots to help feed the microbes in the soil. Perhaps by having the sugars in the media from a supplement then the plant produces sugars of her own but doesn't excrete them? Fucked if I know.

    Seriously though. If you don't believe me, try it for yourself. Shit is mind boggling.
  15. But but, you said " Bud Candy is a waste of money IMO."
    Anyways, I know you're pulling my leg!!..I can feel my toes wiggling..
    But seriously, "mind boggling"?..dang, gotta be them there secret ingredients for sure.;)

    As I've always said, whatever floats your boat..:smoke:
  16. Yes. I did say that. I meant it then and I still mean it now.
    Bud Candy is a waste of money IMO. I hate the homogenized sweet taste. It ruins the natural flavors of buds.
    I am not pulling your leg. But if you tried the stuff out for yourself then you wouldn't need to take my word for it. I mean, what's $20 in the grand scheme of things? I happen to have a spare $20 from time to time... The price of experience I suppose.
    I dunno about secret ingredients. I got the same effect from Botanicare Sweet and Humboldt Nutrients Honey ES. I think it is just the simple carbohydrates Sucrose and Fructose that somehow facilitate the plant being sweeter.

    Me too man. Whatever plugs the leaks.

    I have heard of people that use Gatorade as a sweetener believe it or not! lol.
  17. I rarely ever do that. My brain has an auto-cutoff that prevents me from reading past a certain point if the text is making me stupider.

    I guess it's kind of the same end effect, I don't get to read many of his posts because my eyes just glaze over and I start trying to imagine realistic motivations for what he does. Maybe it's the writer in me that tries to view puzzling people in terms of storybook characters, but I just can't come up with a back story that's actually believable.

    Some people like the taste it imparts, some don't. It's very hard to argue that it doesn't work unless you just have never tried it, but I think it's kind of like a "bud condiment". Some people like ketchup on their fries, some like mayo, and some prefer just light salt and nothing else. Who's right? Everyone!

    I don't put mayo on my fries because I don't like it. It makes them no longer edible - to me. But if other people love it, that's fine by me.

    Honestly I like both Bud Candy and "natural" flavor, but it does depend on how it's grown and what strain it is. I wouldn't really want to have to pick just one way or the other forever. Variety is the spice of life and all that jazz.
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    But just remember, he's always watching and making his list.. So, you better be good, you better not cry, cause blankity blank, blank is always lurking the boards...:hide:
  19. An 3 part - great results

    sensi bloom next

    botanicare problend pro

    gh 3 part

  20. I'm not going to go through the whole forum to see who said what im just answer the question from the thread title.

    I used botanicares whole line on 3 rips but I got a good job so I could afford H&M. Now I'm trying that. There whole line set me back a pretty penny. But what the hell? Why wouldn't i run my own test. I do like how H&Ms charts are simple. BUT that is not why I paid so much for it. I did because i can and ive always wanted to try a European company. So far so good! I'm impressed.

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