What advanced nutrients should I buy?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by NZ_DWC, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. HI guys,

    I have heard nothing bad about advanced nutrients, seen some bad comments some good about other products but this one seems pretty fail safe, what is the basics that I must have for a DWC to perform adequately. It's my first grow, Ive had a look online and there is so many different AN products I don't even know where to start so would one of you good buggers please give me a basic as list of what I will need from seed to harvest.

    Thank you
  2. I don't use it but Id assume the grow/bloom/micro would be what you want? I'd also get some Cal/mag.

    Btw, Fox farm is just as good, as are many other brands.
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  3. Thanks pistil, I think you are right going off what other forums I've read. I didn't realise the nutrients are the most expensive part of the grow, quite a shock really. Allgood though, do you know what temperature I should have my water in a dwc?
  4. I grow in soil, I don't belong here in the hydro section ;) I could guess tho.. 68°F? Haha no clue man.
  5. Lol cheers pistil, at least ya helped. Have a good 1
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  6. I'm on my first grow currently I got the ph perfect grow micro bloom and for additives I got a bundle of the 250 ml overdrive big bud b-52 and voodoo juice, I'm doing a hempy buck

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  7. I will be using basically the same ruu, will the 250ml last you your grow? And I presume your doing a dwc as well? What's your set up like I'm thinking I will need deeper tub's to avoid refilling everyday..is grow,micro,bloom what they call pH perfect? Or is pH perfect a separate nut all together?
  8. My bad I didn't get a notification of your reply just happen to come across it again; im doing a hempy bucket grow check it out when you have time, not well for the base I got the liter, and for additives I think the voodoo juice is gonna last but not sure about the b-52 seems like I'm running through it but I'm only a few weeks in

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  9. I have a 3 gallon bucket filled all perlite and a small hole drilled 2 inches from bottom to create a small reservoir

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