what additives shoud I use with General Hydroponics Flora series?

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    I am currently using General Hydroponics Floragro,micro,bloom.and I add maxi crop but only half the amount of maxicrop(half a cap per gl).I also use Diamond Nectar.
    I am going by the 18 hours of light nutrients chart although I'm running the lights 24 hrs.
    If anyone knows if its ok to follow that chart or do i need to add more nutrients since I use 33% more light than the chart suggests. more light=more nutrients????????(I hope thats not a stupid question)does that make sense???
    Im also wondering about "superthrive" should I add it to the nutrient solution or maxicrop is enough, I understood they do a similar job, but please correct me if Im wrong since I am a true begginer.
    I will appriciate any tips about the Flora Series
  2. I use the same. The same amounts as the chart are fine as you will find that your plants will go through 33% more water so you'll be feeding more often. Into the second week I would recomment maybe spraying with ocean magic and maybe adding some molasses to your nutes.
  3. great i had a feeling I should go by the chart ,but I had to make sure ,so thank you.
    I started from seeds so I'm using the "clones" strength nutrient mix(hoping that's the right thing to do). when do you thing I should go to week 1 on the chart?and should I be using the same chart for hand watering and for fill and drain?
  4. 7914F3B3-BC0E-46AA-B0C3-B716DE23229F.jpeg Hey Alvius!, first timer here and I have always heard General Hydroponics is very consistent so that’s what I chose to start with. Currently two weeks into Flower. I am in 5 gal HP Pro mix, I follow the General Hydroponics flora series expert guide drain to waste program with RO water. Here’s my line up and I am feeding my largest plant 32 additional ounces due to growth.

    Armor Si 1ML/Gal mix well, let sit for 30m —> Cal Mag 2.5 to 5 every other feeding, plant will tell you — Micro 4ML/Gal —-> Gro 1ML/Gal
    —-> Bloom 5ML/Gal —> Lquid KoolBloom 2ML/Gal —-> Floralicious plus 1ML/Gal. I ph to 5.8, let it sit for 1-2hoirs and ph down to 5.8 a final time. B2AA5925-8841-47A3-9050-F3FFB03021B3.jpeg Plants never looked happier with this mix. Good luck and have fun !
    0F77F7DE-09FE-4097-A5BB-065CD6DE9E6E.jpeg EB7BA4CE-085D-444E-9F3D-A833B2B36BA1.jpeg 3E1FD799-4625-4D43-A914-B6C126A6B312.jpeg 4BB53C81-2738-4932-92BF-A4797283B57A.jpeg 8C1DF814-83A1-49AB-BD3C-FE00EA3CED38.jpeg
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  5. Gh 3 part + calimagic + koolbloom in late flower. Have a box of other additives that I have found not to improve anything I can see. I also use for grade diatomaceous earth for si and preventative beastie shredding.

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