What Actually Happens When America Gets Reefer Madness

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  1. American businesses are wasting no time cashing in on what looks like a cannabis craze in this country, now that 29 states have legalized medical and/or recreational usage. Whether you want to blow your paycheck on a sophisticated marijuana–laced dinner out: puff, puff, pass your way through a yoga class: or signal your chill-yet-fabulously-wealthy vibe with a designer weed grinder, there are more ways to reach an altered state in the United States than ever before. Defying stereotypes, ambitious “cannapreneurs” seem poised to infuse society with a bevy of ways to get your smoke on out in the open.

    With all the hype surrounding legal weed, it can be hard to remember that not so long ago the plant was considered a gateway to hard drugs and crime, a belief in no small part caused by scapegoating the Mexican-American community. In the eyes of American society, marijuana—Mexican slang for the drug—was a foreign plant that crossed the U.S.-Mexico border with nearly 100,000 immigrants fleeing the Mexican Revolution at the turn of the last century. As anti-immigrant fervor gripped the country during the Dust Bowl and Great Depression, marijuana was criminalized; its enthusiasts were regarded as menaces to society, or in more tolerant cities, low-class bums.

    In spite of favorable medical research and economic potential, cannabis today is still federally illegal, and THC (the psychoactive property of cannabis) is classified as a Schedule 1 drug, one that “has no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.” American pot smokers caught with the Devil’s lettuce have been punished with everything from buzz-killing fines, to legal robberies, to life in prison.

    What Really Happens When America Gets Reefer Madness
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