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What activities do you like to do while stoned

Discussion in 'General' started by dank slap, Jan 1, 2013.

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  1. Weed makes every activity better of course
  2. I like to get stoned, chill, surf the web, play games, drive, work. I think bud makes everything better lol.
  3. It truly does. Getting high is the best activity
  4. I definitely agree lol
  5. I have sex everytime im stoned..
    Sex is amazing with weed...
  6. I disagree, too much weed and differential calculus just makes me really burnt out..

    I like to write music/songs, I'm getting into wood carving, earlier I got stoned and played with Lincoln Logs lolol, I like play music in general, talking to people, etc.
  7. Drink, write poetry, dance around like a fool listening to music in my room, do push ups(i especially like the high that gives you when you're stoned too), draw, and my favorite. Bullshit with people lol.
  8. I actually dont mind work when im high but I bet math to that extent is frustrating period.
    Wood carving that sounds dope..
  9. let's get high and have sex
  10. If I have gas I like to drive around listen to music, get home watch Dinosaurs on Netflix, play COD, gain weight.
  11. i like operating heavy machinery while stoned

  12. Ditto :cool:
  13. Shoot hoops
  14. Smoke more. I'm serious too, I love the act of smoking.
  15. damn...I want some nachos now
  16. There's only like 1000 of this thread already

    READ the forums before starting a new thread
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