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What about "Vaporizers"?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DaCaptn, Dec 31, 2002.


What the deal with vaporizer's???

  1. Greatest smoke system ever!

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  2. OK but not worth all the trouble.

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  3. Must have for those who use Herb for medical reasons.

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  4. Absolute BS and just another way to get our money.

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  1. 1.Greatest smoking system ever!
    2.OK but not worth all the trouble
    3.Must have for people with medical reasons to smoke
    4.Absolute BS and just another rip off to sell us more junk!
  2. I got one a couple of months ago, but I really just couldn't be bothered. It wasn't odorless, which is why I got it, and it was just inconvenient, so I gave it to a friend. Maybe one of the more expensive ones would be better, but as far as I'm concerned, I'll stick to my pipe thank you very much.
  3. Thanks Blix for the info! I have several medical conditions that would be much better if I didn't have to "smoke" the smoke from "smoke" ya know;)

    Has only O N E other person smoked out of a Vapo system?
    Da"I Gotta Know"Captn
  4. i havent used one, but my buddy is getting one, and soon i will know, at first i was skeptical about smoking smoke without smoke, i thought it was kinda like a werewolf without the moon, ya know?....but its supposed to be a great high, different than a smokin buzz, but great nonetheless.
  5. I think I'll wait till you use one and then see how you like it. The good systems cost a LOT of green, ya know! I could buy 2 weeks worth of Herb for what it will cost BUT if it really is as good as "THEY" say AND it's smokless THEN I gotta spend the cash and get one.
    Da"Thanks For Answerin"Captn
  6. Reckon I thought it sounded too good ta be true...

  7. Sorry folks but I must disagree. My friend has one (pics are on on rec. use forum) and I really like it. Granted, I get just as high with a pipe, but it is really a different kind of high. That is to say, you get only THC and a few cannabinoids as opposed to THC and many cannabinoids, which changes the high entirely. There are lots of designs and brands, and the trick is to find the most efficient and useful unit. Vapor Bros. is awesome. I have smoked for 16 years, so hopefully if I'm trusted, I have some credabilly with you guys. It really does work, and with the right unit and some practice, it will be invalubale to the connisouir. Heres a pic for the fun of it. Seeya!

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  8. from what I have heard, when you smoke between 30 and 98 percent of the THC is destroyed but when a vaporizer is used not nearly as much THC is lost because it is not hot enough to actually burn. I have made my own and I liked it very much but it was too big to hide around my house so I just took it all apart after a few times. They are also kinda inconvenient when it comes to letting them warm up especially if you make your own. I wouldnt spend my money on one but I do like using them.
  9. a definate very clear advantage would be the use of less weed..i used one tonight for the first time, and it was a great high, and i was skeptical to begin with and it was still kick ass..i was probably the most stoned i have been in a month.
  10. Thanks so much for clearin up the confusion for me. I had never known anyone that use the system before and if you say it works and it seems that CB and namron agree, I gotta get one and try it...NOW which one??????????????????
    Da"It Starts All Over Now"Captn
  11. Hmm... Intriuging
  12. oh, i dont know if i mentioned this or not...but it doesnt bother the lungs at all....

    and since vaporizers are such a simple principle then it should matter much which one to get...even the basic on/off switch regulated ones work.
  13. I wanna get one if it will creat no smell/smoke...

    Whats a good price range to get for one?
  14. well, this one creates a smell..but its more like the smell of weed before it gets burned..
    also, we found that you can take some shitty ass weed on there, like, leaves and stems and still get a high out of it since thats all it does is cook out the THC.
  15. Does the one you are "smokin" out of look anything like the one that Swan posted? If not can you find out what Brand name is on the machine and ask if it is sold on line, please?
    Da"Thanks Mon"Captn
  16. sure...i know its online

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