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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Big Poppa Puff, Dec 18, 2001.

  1. Hey what's going blades.....

    Here is a story about pot that i been waititng to tel at work but can't.

    My boss has a son that is a piece of crap. Been to six different universities and junior colleges before finally dropping out as a sphmore.. I mean i have heard him say "its easier to pop a beer top than roll a joint" Just a complete fuck up!!! age 24

    OK Now there is another man at work who reminds me of former president Jimmy Carter, down to the hair, goofy smile and voice, and the going to church part. realy going to church part. This dude has a got a daughter also at work and she works for her Dad. doesn't do a damn thing, but that is about all her mind is capable of doing. really nice, sweet, NAIVE, but a good girl, age 22

    Now my boss and Jimmy CArter don't see I to I. Nothing hateful but no respect for the other. the piece of crap son has a girlfriend that he has been living with for about two years. Bought a big diamond and planning a wedding in March. While the bride to be has been going home to Mississippi to plan the wedding, Crap son and naive daughter have been hooking up in the soon to be marital bed.

    OMG the good but not to bright girl has been hooking the crap ass son. Guess what? She is "with child" now and has been for a couple of months. Son tried "to hush this up" but a big confratation witht he live-in. It went down last week and it was wild! If you want to nkow the rest, I post back later.
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  2. BPP that was a cheap shot. This is a marijuanna site not a soap opera.

    When you start a story here you do NOT have to wait six months to finish it.

    Get your ass back here and finish the story!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Sorry Bud about leaving you hanging, pretty stoned when trying to type that story and musta got tired of it.

    Sp here goes, and once again sorry for not finishing it up.

    Bride to be confronted boyfriend and he lied his way out of trouble. He said there is a possibilty that the baby is not his, but the sweet girl says that she was a virgin and has never been with anyone else. Boyfriend and bride to be are still getting marriedthis March about a couple of months before the baby is due. He is going to get a paternity test to confirm he is the dad and then he will be hauled to court for child support.

    The sad thing is the sweet girl really loves the crappy son and would like to marry him, even though he is a drunk and and is in bad financial shape. His dad is still bailing him out with credit cards, rent, and bookies. I hope my Boss can also help bail him out with child support payments.

    Everyone at work knows about what's going on, but it has been hushed up to "protect" the sweet girl and her family. She is an only child and her mother is trying to recover from breast cancer. Everyone is afriad that the stress from this ordeal will cause her mother to get the cancer again.

    Oh and the pot part of the story....... I was stoned when I wrote it.
  4. Thats ok BPP I was getting into the story when you quit! I like to finish what I start! I have heard about people in this type of ordeal. I was just thinking of my brother in-law who had three kids after he had been married for 6-8 years! He didn't have to pay child support though.

    Critter you are right about being high when we read this stuff!

    Good day all!
  5. OK. Poppa I want you to stop and think carefully. I know you had some time off last week, and you spent most of it living like a heathen, (lucky dawg!) Now, are you really sure that this actually happened? Or, maybe you just left the TV on during a late afternoon stoned to the bone nap session and was subliminally suggested to thru some soap opera that was on at that time. I think that story line is going on in at least 1 in 5 soap operas at any time.

    It's OK. We all have a little trouble differentiating between dreams and reality sometimes. Don't we? Or is that just me?;)

    Things like that make it worth gettin up and going to work in the morning don't they?
  6. So why is the crappy son so determined to marry the live-in g'friend? Obviously he couldn't care less about anyone involved. Plus, how could the live-in g'friend be willing to marry him even if the child isn't his, he must've admitted to sleeping with naive girl. Why is the girl even having this baby? Wait, I know, she loves him...... YUCK!

    That's a very sad story. Sounds like both girls should dump him.

  7. First off nor Mr. Smokie... I'm at work now so my heathern days are over with until Friday night till I can sneak away from my Mom's house for a family christmas party cope toke (sounds like I'm sixteen again). yes its true and it does sound like a soap opera.

    Ms. Jackolover here's your answer....Bride-to-be is the only girl that has ever stood by the crappy son and has bailed him out of money trouble with her parents help. He also is into a $5000 ring to her that he's late on payments with. He's been the kind of guy to always have a steady girl but to do what he wanted when she wasn't looking. The live-in still wants to get married because she "believes" it was just a one night stand and not a seven month relationship like everyone knows. DENIAL! He is telling everyone that it was a trap to marry him and it wasn't his fault.

    The sweet girl comes from a very religous southern baptist home and keeping the baby was her only option in a small southern town. The sad thing is that she does love him and wants him to dump his live-in and marry her, raise the baby, white picket fence, sunday school every week, etc. But that ain't going to happen. What she will have is a dead-beat baby's father who will always be late with the child support if he's got it to pay.

    Just another example of why birds kick their young out of thr nest to learn to fly on their own. If Mom and Dad had quit bailing his ass out of trouble after a few chances, he would have learned to take responsibility for his own actions and not acting like a spoiled brat.

    The sad thing is he is not the only bad apple in the barrel. Of all the bosse I'v got, I've seen sons busted for crystal meth lab, another for repeated DUI, and another for selling oxy contin. And all the boys are under 25 years old.
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  8. That's rough. Naive girl will get over him and look back and wonder how the hell she ever thought she was in love with such a heartless loser. She should tell the live-in the truth, but you know what, it wouldn't matter cuz live-in would still wanna marry him, love (obsession) will make people do crazy things. Good luck to them all.
  9. Maybe the "naive girl" isn't so naive. Sounds like a good attempt at a freeride.
  10. Wtf dude y dredge up an 18 year old thread, lmao... the OP hasnt even logged on since 2007.
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  11. Man 2001 was a crazy year
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  12. Lmao... oops! I didn't even look at the dates thought it was a funny read tho
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