What about this light? From Sun to 300W light!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Makaveli77, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone.

    I have been at my parents home and i picked up my light.

    I have a question about this light,
    Is it too stressfull for the plant to change from sun behind a window to this one?

    I will disable the motionsensor and only use the light! with a timer of 12/12

    Here is my plant


    Will this light work when i switch to 12/12? i have also noticed even if that light been on for 1 minute it gives away allot of heat!
    its an hallogen bulb wich gets very warm and i think thats gonna be a problem.
    ill have to fix that with fan/fans

    So what you guys think?

    All help appreciated!
  2. Light is useless. It is a Halogen light and not made for plant growth. Don't waste your time. Put it back in your parents garage and buy yourself an actual horticultural grade light.

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  3. Well thats bad news
    To be honest im poor af atm.
    And the only choice i got is to use that light or ill have to use what ive started with, Sunlight trough my window :/

    So, that halogen light is totally useless for what im doing? no need to even try it out?

    Thanks allot for your opinion, Well appreciated!
  4. Yes and yes

    In my opinion your very best bet is to simply find a private and safe spot, buy yourself a sack of QUALITY soil and dig a hole big enough to use the entire bag of soil and transplant into the hole - and then simply keep it moist the rest of the season and let Mother Nature do what she does.

    Full sun all day long is important.

    If you attempt to use your windowsill you might get a half ounce. If you do as I suggested above you might get a half pound.

    Edit: (If you're extremely lucky).

  5. She will wilt up and die due to lack of adequate lighting if you use that light, I agree with Jerry find a spot outside...
  6. halogen creates more heat than useable light mate
    or plasma

    cfl is ok but hps will give you biggest bang for ya buck. some.ppl sell 250w for really cheap im on the uk and got mine for $6 because the company i got it from was converting to led light for there factory (nothing to do with cannabis lol)

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  7. The sun is more powerful than any artificial light ever thought of being. Not on a windowsill of course. The only drawback with growing outdoors is weather.

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  8. Thanks allot for the help foks, I have taken all your information and will do the best i can to get as much from my plant as possible.

    Warmly appreciated

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  9. I as usual learned the expense way, started with a pile of cfls wispy buds and burned tops from plants growing an inch a day & into a bulb while at work so i added a 150watt hps before realizing they use way more energy then 150watts plus i still was not satisfied with harvest so i added a 400watt hps/mh things got much better but the foot print was still too small so i bought a 600watt DE hps/mh and have never looked back.. if you plan on staying in the game for awhile bUy the best light you can afford, imo next to good genitics its the most important tool to success... if you buy used just make sure you do a good decon i have a friend who imported a bad case of spider mites with a used 8 bulb T5...

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