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What about these Nuggets

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by -vc-, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    recent pick up
  2. Look like some beasters. How much did you pay for them?
  3. How much did it run you?
  4. Looks good regardless! SMOKE THAT SHIT!
  5. 40 bucks for the nuggs
  6. Are you high yet?

  7. Yeah had them for a couple of days, still smoking off the smaller of the two. I'm blitzed right now.

  8. 40 bucks for what? TBH that looks like 1.5 grams to me.....

    My biggest pet peave is threads just like this.... asking about nugs... shitty ass pics... and no description towards geographical area, count, or anything that could identify if you've been ripped off or not...

    To give you my best response, you got ripped the fuck off, for 50 bucks of pretty much the same lookin bud I get a quarter. So I dunno what to tell ya bro sorry.
  9. 40 bucks for what you saw in the pic. in California.
  10. what does it weigh out to?
  11. about 2 grams. my friend got it and we split it up so we both got half of the pick up.

  12. if you dont have anything nice to say....
  13. damn, usually this runs me 60 for 10 grams 50 a q, and i live in virginia, you got ripped

  14. ....??

    Dude wtf are you talking about the thread is called "What about these Nuggets"...

    So are you implying that the only responses should be "OMG DANK BUD YOU GOT A CRAZY DEAL"....

    ...dude lets be real, that pic looks so similar to the random beasters I see around here in Toronto... we are paying like half of what that guy is....


    Cuzz you have to see this from another perspective... some noob posts a thread asking an honest opinion on his nugs, and says I payed 40$ for this terribly shity picture that doesn't even present any good idea wtf that weed even looks like... Congrats its green and a bit hairy, so is most weed nowadays.

    I am sorry if I insulted the OP please don;t think I am out there to hate, I just wanted to point out how poorly presented the thread was...
  15. They look mighty tasty. :D
  16. what im saying is ur being a bitch and calling people out for no reason, if you dont like the kids buds then dont comment on them rather than telling him "yea i get that bud for half the price, you got ripped the fuck off", thats called being a snob and troll, so fuck off BRO
  17. yea yo im with this guy, now i can understand that he got ipped off, not even that badly, and it happenes to everyone, so gtfo if ya gonna be being a bitchass bro. just light one and let the music fill the air
  18. In California, that is a TERRIBLE deal (unless your area is crazy expensive or something). I live in NorCal and I get an eighth of bud for $40. The bud you got looks nice, but you should NEVER pay $20 a gram in California unless the herb is the finest of the finest you'll get (I'm talking about medical strains like AK47, White Rhino, OG Kush, etc.)

    You live in Canada. It's not fair to compare Canadian prices to American prices, you guys pay pennies where we pay dollars
  19. Haha who cares what people pay? You're not getting your money back, you might as well smoke it and ENJOY.
  20. Yeah I did mention that, sorry :p hahaha, TBH though... beasters like that 50 a quarter... some serious grade shit.... 70-80 a quarter. That being said, the prices are pretty similar in retrospec to some parts of USA (I'm nto sure where, sorry I am no expert, please excuse me if I am wrong haha)

    But I do Like the Canada scene :) ahaha everyone should visit and see how dope it is on the other side of the border.. hahah

    Yeah really though, It depends what circumstances your getting bud under and like it is prolly the case, some places just get mad pricey shit, laws are just too fucked... ahha..

    Although I am just giving my opinion from my environment, and for 40$ for bud like that pic gives me an idea of... man... I would walk away from the dealer who showed me that count I'm sorry hahaha...

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