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  1. Hi can anyone tell me about the male plant Cultivation are they a good smoke and how much of the plant is good smoke etc...any info would be appreciated:rolleyes:
  2. Male plants do not produce any flowers or "nuggets", if you will. They produce pollen sacks. As a result of being males, they do not possess the quality of high thc production or flowering. There is THC within the leaves of the plant, however. When some random guy I knew was growing, he had a male plant, and rolled up a joint for me made of grinded leaf. It got me faded.

    Do not smoke the pollen sacks, only smoke the leaves. The pollen sacks are bad for you.

    Male plants to produce THC, however.
  3. Males do not have any THC worth mentioning. The only thing they make is compost.
  4. :)Thanks to all for your Replys :DDon't feel so alone ,with it all now Great site.
  5. That first part is just plain not true. While I agree about the compost part, male flowers have about 2/3 the THC as female flowers of the same strain. Of course you don't get huge buds of male flowers either so it's also a matter of yield/volume.

  6. Males have very small flowers that produce a small volume of pollen. Female flowers are the buds that we all want. The total (small) amount of THC in a male plant is not worth messing with, IMHO. Concentrate your energy on producing good bud.
  7. I think that's what I said just in different terms. Like I said I agree about putting males on the compost heap :)

    Unless I'm breeding that is, then I keep father plants around for pollen.
  8. Yes, oldskool, I will keep a 2pounder male going this year. I want to get some 2pounder seeds for next year, and want to try to produce a 2pounder/white widow cross. +rep to you
  9. Wasn't this exact same question asked just a few hours earlier? And amply answered? Search button folks, you save yourself and everyone else a lot of wasted effort...
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    Actually, I was having a useful conversation with oldskoolgrower. Thanks all the same.
  11. Granted, though the OP couldn't have known when starting the thread that this is where it would lead... ;)

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