what about ships n boats?

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  1. Planes, Trains & Automobiles , aaand? no boats or ships racism right here!
    anyway @topic
    any other sailors around who got some pics of their boats/ships? common a stoner gotta make a livin :smoke:
    well this is mine :) with the nice background of my green dutch city Rotterdam!
    Gross Tonnage: 2597
    Deadweight: 3729 t
    Length x Breadth: 88.6m x 12.67m
    year build:2013
    floatin around the globe  :smoking: 

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  2. There are tall ships, there are short ships. There are fast ships, there are slow ships. There are no ships like friendships.

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  3. What about horse drawn carriages[​IMG]
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  4. Dam that's boss op.
    I'm terrified of open water but love kayaking threw the marsh or rivers where i live.

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  5. i would post a pic of my fleming 65 but cant figure it out!
    you actually own one  :ey: ? thats awsume
    yhea somehow i cant get seasick,if i go to a theme park i could sit in a roller coaster without feeling sick.
    but sometimes onboard filipinos come and get crazy as hell when we have about 10m swell,i just tell em to use my medicine if i have some hahahaha :smoke:
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    I wish.. ill keep dreaming until then though! ill be rocking on my 16' for quite awhile. whats your duty on that tanker?

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