what about hallucinations?

Discussion in 'General' started by big_will, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. I have been smoking weed for quite a while. I smoke a lot to say the least. I have often thought about drugs such as shrooms and acid that make you see shit. I have wanted to try shrooms but i dont know how to get any other drugs than weed where i live now. I would enjoy sitting with my homeboy and see some crazy shit. From your experiences what was the best drug to see some shit and what did it do to you?

    Fight for legalization.
    write your senators
    write your rep.
    write the president (that i dont like)
    sign petitions
    speak out
    Fight for our right to smoke whatever in the hell we wanna smoke.

    OH YEAH, AND SMOKE ONE, im fittin light up some fire.
  2. Shrooms or acid arent aorund so you can just "see some shit". Read up at www.erowid.org on them, read some trip reports and learn more about hallucenogens before you try anything.
  3. Good advice..

    Also check out the First Trip thread..that has a bunch of different experiances with shrooms/acid.

  4. yeah, very good advice.
    visuals are cool, very entertaining and intense... but thats just the tip of the iceberg. there's so much more to it.

    toke jah ;)
  5. i would do some shrooms if i was u... ive never done acid though... shrooms r a whole nother world byu themselves... u think u know wut its gonna be like, and u have no fucking idea until u trip for the first time... have lotsa fun if u ever find any.
  6. i wanna try shrooms, acid, and speed maybe. ganja is great though. erowid is one sick site
  7. what about payhote?

    (Spelling maybe wrong)

  8. Peyote. Look it up on erowid.org..
    "Shrooms or acid arent aorund so you can just "see some shit"."
    I'm sure for some people that's all those drugs are around for..
    I've never tripped, but I can't wait to. :D
  9. Hehehe its not what you think it is.....People expect to see a pink elephaant appear infront of you...nothing like that=P
  10. yea really.

    more often than not, stories of people seeing a snowman chase them around and try to kill them is just newbie bullshit.

    some dumbass chick i know took 2 grams of some ok mush, and claims 1 foot talls indians were running around all over and chasing her. what the fuck. thats just plain crap.

    but anyways, youll see colors and movement. the hallucinations, at least at the lower levels, are more just distortions and illusions of what you are actually seeing, not your brain throwing in random stuff all over the place (although it can happen)

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