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What about glass nails?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Groover, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. I got a dabbing rig with a glass nail set up instead of a titanium. What are the positive and negative for glass over titanium ? I'm just curious about it, anybody know wassup?:smoke:
  2. Glass nails don't take as long as a titanium nail to heat, however be prepared to buy another glass nail due to the fact they break over extended use.
  3. thanks man i thought it wouldnt last as long as ti, but do they smoke cleaner or is there no difference really?
  4. Titanium stays hotter longer, but also kind of has a funkier taste to it. I'd much rather buy a couple glass nails over time than a titanium nail.
  5. ive been using Ti and love that shit, hash taste fine imo.
  6. Is glass supposed to taste weird?
  7. U got two types of glass nails. The one made out of boro, they will melt when getting to hot or brake. And Quarts nails they don't brake or melt but getting to hot u get Quartsfume and u don't want to inhale that. Quartsfume is heavier then normale air. And will always go down. And is very toxic.
  8. quartz nails do break.....can you please provide a link about the toxicity of "quartz fume?" i did a google search & everything was in french. im guessing quartz vapors would work too....but i just found a bunch of nails for sale lol.

    not saying your wrong, but i use quartz nails all the time, and i definitely would like to educate myself on this.

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