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What about Bong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Daszkal, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. As a new blade, I'm curious about the difference. I only just started smoking (like six month ago), and I love it. I smoke out of my pipe and my chillum most of the time, or I roll one up nice, but I don't know anybody with a bong. These things look awesome and every time I'm in my head shop I end up just staring at them in awe and wonder.

    Is there a difference in the high? Anything I should know about correctly hitting one that I can't infer from a youtube video? The water acts like a filter, right? Nobody tells me these things, goddamnit.
  2. BONGS WILL FUCK U UP!!! there by far the best smoking device if you ask me. huge rips but im not sure if the water filters it but if the waters cold enuff it might cool off the smoke a lil:confused:
  3. Well, the most important thing about hitting a bong is to try to burn enough weed to get a good bit of smoke, but not too much so it doesn't go to waste.

    The high, imo, is a bit better, mostly because you can get a LOT more smoke/more dense smoke from a bong compared to a pipe. The water does act as a filter, and it does a decent job of it, but not the best job because you still get some tar and such.
  4. Shiz will fluff you up. Seriously, you'll be higher than you've ever been.
  5. No, there's absolutely no difference in the high. You're still inhaling the same smoke from the same weed. The hits are less harsh because the air is cooler and some of the ash gets filtered out by the water, so you can fill the bong and then clear it all at once, which means you're getting a MUCH bigger hit than with a blunt or a pipe, but if you smoke the same amount of weed, you'll get the same high, but it'll give you a much bigger headrush because you inhaled all of the smoke all at once.
  6. This may be with you.Not with me or anyone I know though.

    When I smoke form blunts/joints I dont get as high as I would have if I were to smoke that same amount of weed in a bong.You get more smoke in your lungs at once and you consume THC/Cannabinoids at a faster rate.Like when you drink beer really fast you get alittle drunker,same concept.

    It does filter the smoke alittle I would say but probably not as much as you think it would.

    My high also lasts alittle longer when smoking from a bong.When I smoke I like to smoke from more than one device at a time.I like to have a blunt or a few joints rolled and have a aliitle for spoons,bongs,bubblers,and what ever else your going to be smoking from.
  7. Wow. I'm more or less sold. These things are pretty expensive though. You guys figure I should start with a smaller hand bong or save up and go all out on a big decorative motherfucker? The glass at my local headshop is pretty amazing, I just don't have $500 to throw down right now.
  8. Thanks a ton for the information, by the way. Saves me from looking like a total idiot. You guys are the shit.

  9. You really don't know what you're talking about. The reason why you don't get as high from blunts using the same amount of weed is because you're letting it burn between hits and you're losing weed. Everyone knows this. If you inhale the same amount of cannabinoids, you are just as high, regardless of how you inhaled them.

    And your beer/weed comparison is retarded. They are not comparable.
  10. I'd start off with a smaller bong, nothing too expensive. You can get a decent bong for about $100. Remember you can try to make a deal with a headshop, get the price down a bit.
  11. No, there isn't really a difference in the high, except that it requires less weed. The smoke is cooled and condensed into a small space, allowing for largeer hits.

    As for water acting as a filter, that's debateable. but seeing as the water begins to reak, and sometimes change color, it can be assumed something in the smoke is being removed.
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    I think of a bong versus a pipe like standard car versus an automatic. The bong takes a bit more practice to use correctly, but you have more control over your hit in thickness, size, speed, everything. This gets me, personally, much higher.

    Oh, and a good bong is much smoother than most good pipes. And the hand pipes that ARE as smooth as bongs seem to have kind of watered down smoke, it's hard to make it thick or take a large hit, and it doesn't get you as high.

  13. Atleast you did SOME research. For future, is THE best site for any substance. Period.

    And yes, Bongs are fat. I just put a roach in mine and began smoking before I saw this thread, and I got interested, haha. I highly suggest you pick one up.

    Every real stoner needs a bong in their collection.
  14. I smoked a small snap out of my bong, and I got pretty high. If I smoked that much out of me bubbler it wouldn't hit me as hard.
  15. Dude you dont know what your talking about.I am sorry but what I say is how Marijuana effects me.I get high becouse I get more thc at one time into my lungs thus absorbing more thc.I dont know why the beer thing is retarded,could you explain?

    The vast majority here would say they get high from bongs than anyother smoking method.

    I thought you said that you dont get anymore higher form smoking from a bong than something else.Yet here you say "the reason you dont get as high from blunts using the same amount of weed is becouse your letting it burn between hits and your losing weed.There is probably not much more than a hit worth that burns of from the blunt.

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