What about bitcoin?

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  1. I tried to order from a SeedBank and it turned to a big pain. I’m beginning to wonder, given the current situation, if we will be able to get anything shipped before long so I need some help with info on bit coin I guess as that seems to be the method of choice. Anybody else doing that or just sending money order? I’m hoping to get some auto seeds as soon as I can to try outdoors.
  2. Get a Coinbase account, add your debit card or bank account. Debit transactions complete instantly while the other can take days. Verify your identity. And then you're ready to do Bitcoin transactions.
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  3. IDK where you are at, but if in the states, order from the here.
    ILGM has a fairly good selection
    Ethos is good to, they have awesome looking strains
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  4. still cant help but think this bitcoin thing is just gonna be another enrone thing,buddy had been trying to talk me into it for years ,i just cant,hahaha
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  5. Yea, I’m not enthused about it but if that’s the way to get seeds I don’t care. I’m in the US and the card companies are afraid to let us use our accounts as we please I guess.
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  6. So it’s that simple? I was thinking there was paperwork and stuff to do. If it’s safe to use a card that’s cool.
  7. I’ve read good things on those, I just fear it’s all going to be halted with the virus going on right now.
  8. Make sure to have more than one wallet for bitcoin. Coinbase WILL shut down your account if it thinks you're using bitcoin for illicit purposes. Buy from coinbase, then transfer your bitcoin into another wallet and make purchases from there.

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  9. Is that another account or?
  10. this is what i mean with my earlier statement,make the skin kinda crawl and seems like a way of money laundring but legal i guess for now maybe,who knows ,whats next.
    enron all over and folk from all over the world to be disapointed one day
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  11. It's the same account. A wallet address is just an alphanumeric string that identifies each transaction. Once you've signed into your Coinbase account there is a Send and Receive option. So if you're sending money to someone you will enter their given wallet address. Or if you are receiving money, you will enter your wallet address on the sender's website/app. It's good advice to always use a different wallet address even if you're doing nothing wrong.
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  12. A different account (wallet) outside of Coinbase. Think of Coinbase as your savings account that you use to purchase bitcoin. But if you want to spend your bitcoin, you want to transfer it to your checking account which should be a different bank (wallet outside of Coinbase).

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  13. At this point im just making connects with actual breeders, growers and distributers, from other legal states.

    That bitcoin shit is just too much for me.
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  14. That’s was what I thought until I started making money! Coinbase is great but so is Crypto.com. I have both.

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    Each Bitcoin is basically a computer file which is stored in a 'digital wallet' app on a smartphone or computer. People can send Bitcoins (or a part of a one) to your digital wallet, and you can send Bitcoins to other people. Every single transaction is recorded in a public list called the blockchain. The varies every day. If you want to buy it, I can advise you to use a Coinbase account, add your debit card or bank account. Debit transactions complete instantly while the other can take days. Verify your identity. And then you're ready to do Bitcoin transactions.
  16. I've done bit coin before, but prefer credit card purchases.
  17. Nirvana seed bank, based in Amsterdam. Can’t speak highly enough about them. Received all three orders so far. Took 1 month to stealth ship it order to my door. Great customer service very responsive over email. Highly recommend. I’ve even been to their seed bank in person so it’s legit.
    All payment options from cc to Bitcoin are accepted. I chose Bitcoin and they give a discount for that payment method.

    Chicago. Indy Native. New Grower
  18. I actually need help getting my BTC back and my money back.
    I tried buying seeds via MSNL and since their creditcard portal kept timing out, i figured now is a good time to go for bitcoin and buy that way.

    Even with the discount, I bought 90 USD worth of bitcoin from that coinbase website, giot sent to my Electrum wallet, and sent payment to them and each time it kept saying "Not enough BTC" (I buy 90 USD Btc, and MSNL give a discount for bitcoin purcahses, and I send it all...)
    Until I sent all of it, and never got anything but a cancelled order, and out of BTC and Cash.
    Why does this seem more bullshit then it should of been? Even with a supposed guide and it otherwise seeming straight forward?
    I could of went to a fucking strip club instead if I wanted to be taken for cash...
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  19. I've been using Coinbase for over a year to purchase bitcoin, then use that to purchase seeds from a couple of European seed banks. It's kind of a pain, but it was worth it to be able to make these purchases.
    Suddenly out of the blue, Coinbase started putting a 72 hour hold every time I was trying to make a payment to one of them. Of course, most seed banks give you a limited time (e.g. 30 minutes) to complete your purchase, so it would time out loooong before the 72 hours was up.
    I won't go into all the nitty gritty details, but long story short - my account is completely up to date and everything is verified, but Coinbase is treating it like an unverified account. A quick search reveals that:
    (1) A lot of people are having this issue.
    (2) Coinbase customer service is nonexistent.

    I'm very open to switching to a different company, if someone has a suggestion. It must be reliable, safe and most important of all - simple to purchase/send bitcoin, as that's all I want to do.
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  20. Back when the bitcoin price was 700$ i went on the deepweb and setup a fake hacking service, i made a whole bitcoin cashed put half, and lost the bitcoin wallet, in it there should be 10k$ that i lost

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