What about a bud booster

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Kenny 3422, Jul 24, 2019.

  1. Yes what about a bud booster try to improve my yield I’m still gonna molasses water it till 30 days that’s at least 10 more watering then last 10 to 14 days start my flush thanks y’all OUTLAW
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  2. pk supplements works really well imo i cant imagine not adding lol
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  3. I’m gonna try it for the first time in a couple weeks, just flipped to flower 4 days ago
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  5. My auto skunks started flowering a couple weeks ago looking great lot of budsites and getting more everyday about 40 days out
  6. If you want a bloom booster ?
    Use phosphorus and potassium with a vitamin b supplement..
    Guarantee you will be impressed.
    Phosphorus is your Energizer supplement and potassium is your health element combine the 2 and it kickstarts the burning of carbohydrates and produces more flowering sites.
  7. Best vitamin b supplement are in my opinion.
    #1 superthrive
    2# raw saluables vitamin b and magnesium sulfate mix
    #3 advanced nutrients b-52
    Golden products to add to any feeding
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    anks man I will do that send
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    anks brother I will try that I’m new to this been smoking for40 years growing for 6 months between bugs and my not knowing what I’m doing but I’m trying tired of being at sellers mercy save money grow my on just didn’t think b soooooo hard aggravating gonna try hydro grow next
  10. This is your best option if you can get to a grow shop or amazon.
    By using raw you can give your plant only what it needs and not all the extra crap that comes in a bottle.. objective is to give the plant what it needs and nothing more. If you wanna push a plant use better lights and better quality nutrients "better forms". Not more of cheaper nutrients. 15640154535675684808719232957702.jpg
  11. A couple? Lol from flip unless you want shity quality and low yields you've got 8 -10 weeks left. breeder times mean nothing unless you you match there exact environment and they all want to sell the fastest growing bud.
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  12. It
  13. It’s outdoor grow don’t use lights sunlight but I will b using lights on hydro what is good strain that will b easy grow for newbie in hydrodwc
  14. So if I don’t use a bloom booster nutrient my crop will be shitty quality and low yielding?? Lol ok dude I’m always open to learn new things but you are an idiot if you believe that.
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