What a wild weekend..

Discussion in 'General' started by JRilla, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. My freinds dad left Friday for 5 days, so we pretty much had a weekend party.

    After this weekend, I realy had deep thoughts...about cocaine. I realy saw how bad this drug realy is, and how bad it can turn people. Even though I was doing coke through out the past 2 days, I realy think im going to stop.

    Lets start off on how it all began.

    Friday in school, my freind was telling me how my freinds dad was leaving for 5 days, and we were gonna get some shrooms for Friday night. I was realy excited, and couldnt wait for school to be over. School was out, and we just chilled the day. All I had was $23. I was gonna halfs on an 8th with someone, and hopefully my freind was gonna smoke me up on a blunt.

    Anyway, we get to my freinds house, and we get bad news. We couldnt get the shrooms cause there was no way of getting in contact with the kid. His phone was dead all night. So, instead we buy some bud, and alot of us throw down and shit for some blow. Now, the coke dealer we get stuff from takes not only money, but he will take all electronics and shit and he will give you some coke. With my $23, I bought a dime bag from my freind, and threw down an odd amount of $13 for some coke.

    There was like 6 of us that night who were doing coke, and the other people there were just chillin, smoking bud, and drinking. One of my freinds who was there doesnt do coke no more cause of probation, so he bought an 8th of dro. He was letting a bunch of people who didnt have bud get down on some bowls, he was being mad cool.

    Anyway, my freind, lets call him C, was mad close with the coke dealer. My freind C was going to his house through out the night, picking shit up, doing some while there, etc etc. At one point of the night, the dealer came to the house, cause my freind C had no more ride to get to his house. So, my freind C gets mad coke, I think he got like 3-4 grams, and thats not including the coke he already done that day. So its early in the morning, and we are blowing mad lines, smoking weed, etc etc. Mad fucked up. Like I said, that night, all I had was $23, and I ended up blowing a gram of coke, and smoking like 2 blunts, and mad bowls. It was great. Me, my freind (one who wasnt blowing any coke) and the one who lives at the house stayed the night. Went to sleep at like 5 am, woke up at like 11am.

    Now, its saturday. I got no cash, I think im gonna be doing nothing at night, but it all changed. I ended up getting $15, thats all. So, we go back to my freinds house, and pretty much do a repeat. This night, my plan was to get the shrooms, but, it was to late. When me and my freind got there, the guy we could of got the shrooms from was unavailable. Eh, more cocaine..

    I throw down $15, and split a g with 2 other freinds. Broke it up, snorted up, and felt nice. Smoked some bowls, and I was jyst chillin. My freind C ofcourse gets some more coke, he got another 2 grams. We blow some more, and we are just chillin. My freind C was coked up all weekend. Out of no where, he was like "Oh shit yo, I forgot, I got another gram. My guy gave me another g cause I let his girl hit the blunt". Yes, thats right, the dealer gave him a full g to just let his girl hit the blunt a few times while C was at his place. Damn, more cocaine. Broke that shit out, and blew some more.

    Its like 3 in the morning now, and a freind of ours calls up C, and tells him some good news. There is a shroom party going on like 45 min away, and all of us (there were 5 of us that night) could get down on a half o of shrooms for free. We didnt go though, cause the kid who called was coked up, and so were all of us (cept for my one freind) and we just couldnt do it. My freind who was gonna drive there also wanted to leave at like 7am, he would of still been trippin balls when he wanted to leave.

    So, we just stayed at my freinds house, and chilled all morning. Another freind of ours comes buy, buys a gram of coke, and blows most of it, he sold a line or two to my freind C also, cause he was all out. At like 5am, C is thinking about buying another 2 grams, but he decides not to.

    So, this past weekend, we blew alot of coke. My freind C alone did almost a half o through out the weekend. He was so fucked up all weekend. Him and his freind who were there both said they want to stop. They been doing it like every day for months. Buying gram after gram. Selling video game systems and TVs just to get their fix. Seeing my freind C the way he was this weekend just makes me want to stop doing this drug.

    Im sorry for posting such a long post, but I though I had to. This weekend made me see how bad this drug is, how bad it turns people.
  2. thats sad about the last part, sellin shit for coke...i hope they never find out how to cook crack
  3. thats a start but far from the worst, im glad you recognize how evil that drug is
  4. damn dood!! yeah cokey is bad in my opinion (i just took some big ass shots of golden grain and i'm in the process of getting drunk) i had a crazy weekend too dood....but nothing like coke and shit just golden grain....and golden grain tonight!! wow it helps wiht depression....:D :hippie: :hippie: :hippie: weeee :D :hippie:

  5. Yea, they all said they wont fuck with crack. Cause they know many people who fucked up their lives over it. When my freind C was at the dealers house, there were some people there smoking crack he was saying.
  6. sad dood sad.....man its already an hour? damn!

    i gotta go to school in the morn'n....SHIT

    cocaine isn't cOO bc its addicitin'
  7. not even gonna read that longass story.. im sure its good tho

  8. It was a very weird..eye opening weekend.

    By the way, alot of the coke my freind C did was fronted to him, he actualy didnt pay for it all those nights. He told me today he owes the guy $600. :eek:

    Hes a rich mofo though, he will have it in less then a week.

  9. thats what a lot of people say....if you smoke some youre probly not gonna be able to resist that shit in the future if its around you
  10. yea... seeing people really fucked up can be sort of a realilty check. like the one time i was tripping balls and dxm and i though i had this really awesome fucked up night, but a camera shows i was just looking at a blank tv for like 4 hours till i fell asleep lol.

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