What a weekend...

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  1. So, the week really started on wednesday. My dad was starting to reshingle our roof and wanted help. So wed and thurs I was roofing in the afternoon. Thursday night I was doing all sorts of things getting ready for tomorrow's trip to Ottawa, and practicing for my G test (Ontario's full driver's license road test). I go to bed for a bit, get up, roof for an hour or two, and go to take my G. I get it.

    Time to go to Ottawa! Well, after a quick stop for some supplies. I picked up a few veggies to munch on, and bought my girlfriend a surprise gift - a $50 digital voice recorder. She really wanted something like that, and even though we don't have a lot of money, I thought it would be nice.

    So we drive up to Ottawa. Somewhere in Toronto, there was a gayass in slow rush-hour traffic with booming bass. I lean over my girlfriend and yell out the window "Turn your bass down!". She grabs my face and shakes my head. I bump in to the truck in front of me. Luckily there was no damage, and we were in rush hour, so they didn't do anything about it besides a quick check.

    A while's drive later, we took the trans-canada highway - the scenic route, about half an hour longer. We stopped in Pickering for a break, ate some food, and bought a burger and fries to split later on. Little did we know that was going to be our rations, not a snack for later...

    [I may or may not have left out the part where we may or may not have partook in certain forum-related activities on the road]

    Some time along the ride, I closed the window on her hand.

    My eyes started to get messed up. I was seeing triple vision. My eyesight is messed up from welding/brazing/you name it. Around this time it was getting dark too, and that certainly didn't help. I was following nicely behind this guy doing the speed limit, despite everyone else passing him. Eventually we parted ways though, and I was left to drive for myself.

    Around this time, I mentioned to my girlfriend that she should probably drive instead of me. At the next exit, I said, maybe. Or maybe I said I would be fine. I don't remember. Regardless of what happened before this point, what happened next was going to ruin the weekend.

    I drifted off the road, onto the gravel shoulder. I swerved to avoid the guardrail, and ended up skidding all over the highway (Read: one-lane highway in the middle of nowhere). After a while of skidding, I hit the ditch on the other side, and we rolled twice, smashing the windshield, losing the driver's side window, getting a flat, and breaking the drive axle, among some other large dents and such.

    We were both fine. I was completely unharmed, my girlfriend bumped her leg and got a bruise on it. But she gets bruises from everything. She was more hurt from the window.

    I'm not one to panic. I called up my friend from Ottawa to see if he could get us. No dice though, he doesn't have a car. So it's time for damage control. We hunt and get all of our paraphernalia, including half a joint flung from the car during the crash. Among other things, that also included two new digital scales, two pipes I made, my grinder, a dime bag, papers, and all of our lighters.

    (As a side note: If you are searched and they find a lighter on you, that's a yellow flag. They will search until they find something you would use to light with it)

    I tied it up in a walmart bag, and hid it in a spot. I marked down the spot. I guess now you could say there is hidden treasure in the middle of nowhere, waiting to be found.

    Lucky for me, I get back to the car just in time. A cop car pulls up. I try to explain to him what happened. I'm very confused at this point, and not sure what to do. After my girlfriend saved me ass and convinced him we weren't drunk or high, and that I'm just incomprehensible all the time (which is true), he helps us get a handle on the situation. He calls us a tow, and let's us sit in the back of the cruiser. Getting in, I thought to myself "hm, I didn't realize cop cars opened from the outside..."

    Well, they do. It's the INSIDE they don't open from. "For your own protection" the cop said. "I don't want you wandering outside and getting hit". After being charged with careless driving, and doing some paperwork, my girlfriend starts to get clausterphobic. The cop realizes we're not going anywhere, and let's us out. At this point, we're on his side. Now that we've been charged and the situation is taken care of, he's looking after us.

    Since we have nowhere to go, and after some calls home (both from me and the cop), he offers to drive us to belleville, about an hour away. It has a train station we can get home by.

    A $90 motel, a $13 taxi, and a $110 train ride later, we're back where we started. Only now, I'm in some trouble.

    I lost the $50 voice recorder I had bought that morning. I'm facing a $490 ticket, and 6 demerits. (I should mention this now: I already have 6).

    The cop said, between us, he wasn't going to show up in court. At least I hope not. To my understanding, if he doesn't show up, the charges are dismissed.

    But that brings me to the matter of the car. The dudes who towed it want to buy it off of us for scrap. I think that's bull, but it's my dad's car and he can do what he pleases with it. But we didn't have collision on that car, because it's the family car that my dad drives, not the one I share with my brother.

    So that's that. I'm in a huge mess, and will probably not be able to drive for a few years. On top of that, I STILL can't find a job to pay my TUITION, let alone whatever else I'm going to have to deal with now.

    Oh, and while I was away, my dad found the shrooms I was growing (which I don't really care about anyways), as well as one of my pot plants. I threw out the shrooms with him watching, but I'm going to fight to keep the pot plant. I mean, I don't have any pot anymore, and I invested several hundred dollars that I can't get back in a setup for the little guy (which he doesn't know about yet, since I didn't have time to build it).

    So yeah. That's my life as of today. I know things will work out in the end, but the end is not now, and that sucks.

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