What a weekend.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Higgy, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. man, what a crazy weekend. Drive up to U of Idaho to hang out with some buddies, split an 1/8th with my buddy there. Went to a house party and took some knife rips. The people there were so amazed first at the fact that my friend just took a torch and knives out of his car. Secondly at how i was able to take the entire hit...twice. It was normal to us. For us, kife hits are more the norm than anything.Then we got up and left. Which takes us to house party number 2.

    Which warrents a paragraph break for ease of reading (take note you text blockers!). We get there, i'm really high so i take my seat and be quiet like i always do. Apparently everyone thought i was sick until my buddy Matt came to my rescue. He told everyone that I don't speak when i'm high (its true) unless i feel that its worth saying. The ultimate relaxation. THen drops a drama bomb. Matt had had only one 40 and was more than sober enough to drive. But the people there start FREAKING THE FUCK OUT. Kept yelling at us to walk back to the dorms and not drive. So finally i just lean over to matt and say "dude, matt, if we just walk, they'll shut the fuck up." The first thing i'd said all night. So he agreed. and they shut up. we walked home and passed the fuck out. Which leads to the next day...

    Saturday! wake n bake...chill around the room most of the day, smoke a couple more bowls. Then we buy a half-gallon of Crown Royal for the last night there. Let me say that again for emphasis. A HALF-GALLON of CROWN MOTHERFUCKING ROYAL. Me, matt, and his friend Maria downed about half of it, i got a total of 13 shots. Ended up back at the dorm, smoked another bowl and passed the fuck out. Came home. What a weekend. And i gave up on the abstaining thing...obviously. I made it about a month and a half. This pass weekend, was fucking worth it. It going to be AT LEAST another month before i get to do this again. That was my weekend, just thought i'd share ^_^
  2. So much for a year. :p

    Sounds like a fun weekend. :)
  3. rock on higgy...rock on....OMG DONT DRIVE PLEASE GOD NO...........LOL
  4. haha sounds like you had fun. I went to a party on sunday. Me and a bunch of kids just smoked out back for like an hour striaght. By the time we were goin back in it was busted by some nieghbor bitches. So we bailed. got more high. went home, good night, good weekend too. holla
  5. so guess who's getting a piss test this friday? Oh, thats right. Me. Fuck.
  6. Piss tests are bitches....
  7. When i get too high i feel that i dont talk unless it is really worth it too. But props on a great weekend.
  8. Hell yeah higgy...massive party weekends like that are the only way to break the abstinence streak ...sucks that you have a piss test though haha. peace

  9. yea this is why i quit puffing i just get all quite and hungry and lazy. I like being drunk and outgoing and crazy, it makes for alot more interesting times and stories.

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