what a weekend

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  1. Friday: Ok so went home friday from College, picked up 8 perk 10s. Snorted 2 and smoked 2 bongs of some "lemon" weed. Got fucked up and went to work haha after work went and hung out with one of my friends and smoked a blunt of some beasters and a blunt of some heads. Got Fucked up again! Went home from friends, snorted another perc and went to bed.

    Saturday: Woke up, snorted a perc. Did some work around the house. Snorted another perc. Went to work. At work, guy I work with gave me a free bud. On break, I rolled the free weed up in a joint and smoked it with friend on break. After work, went to my friends girls house, smoked a BIG ass blunt. Smoked a Joint. Then smoked another blunt. I was goofy as shit I was so high. Went back to my house, got laid by my girl. The best sex I have ever had cause I was fucked up on percs and from weed just all around fucked up haha.

    Sunday: Woke up, snorted a perc. Sold my old ass gocart. Came home, smoked two bongs. Got head from my girl. Packed all my shit for college. Snorted a perc. Headed back to college.

    What a fuckin weekend! It was pretty dam good. Got high, got laid, and got head! :smoking:
  2. Im not into percs or premarrige sex, but smoking on break is always really nice.
  3. loll?
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    that sucks im sorry for you

    getting laid and head is always great

    and even better stoned
  5. i can't even count how many times you said " snorted another perc"
  6. you can't count to 25??? o_____0

  7. im sure, everything is better high. Ive heard sex is overrated?.
  8. Overrated? haha negative :smoke:

    I love Ganj just as much as the next guy, but pussy is on a whole other level ;)
  9. i miss those good ole' days. Everytime i had sex when i was high, earned me my nickname the "energizer bunny" giggidy giggidy =]
  10. I'm glad I dont know you. seems like you have a perc addiction.. straight up.
  11. are you 12?
  12. Negative. I just do the occasionaly, and this weekend I managed to get ahold of some.
  13. Says the one with the pokemon avatar.
  14. But Isn't that "weezing"? hilarous..

    but seriously I could go on how religion has flawed your brain, but I'll let time do that. Time is always the best answer to every problem.
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    Having sex before marriage causes problems, my religious views have nothing to do with that. Just look at the continent of Africa for evidence of that.
  16. im not into marriage. i dont need a certificate of authenticity to validate my relationship.
  17. that weekend sounds rather boring, no offense.

  18. You're stupid. Africa's AIDS epidimic is caused by a lack of education and safety coupled with horrible living conditions.
  19. AIDS was actually caused by premarital sex. How could you not know that?

  20. Lol i said country of africa :eek:.

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