what a terrible weekend...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Motoxridah, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. Wow these past few days have been the most unlucky for me. First, my ziggy pipe was stolen a few days ago... no idea who because I didn't realize it missing for at least a week. Then yesterday I lose my cell phone at school... assholes didnt return it. Now im down so much money and im broke... shit sucks
  2. i feel ya man.

    i had court yesterday and tried to get my license cleared before it gets suspended, but i think it's still going to end up being supended for 3 months for 2 speeding tickets.

    and i'm broke as hell, it cost me 150 just to go to court yesterday, and they still told me that i'm going to lose my license.

    now i'm broke too
  3. a day in court is never a good day. im normally depressed the whole week thereafter. Probation is easy though because i can BS my way out of anything.
  4. Bummer dude. Call the cellfone from a payfone and if someone answers be all like"GIVE ME BACK MY FONE YOU PRICK" lol hope shit looks up for you.

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