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What a smell!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Painter3, May 18, 2010.

  1. I picked up some weed today, and its really good stuff, but boy does it WREAK! I have it double bagged, in an airtight glass jar, in another bag, in a box with a bounce sheet, in my closet with so much febreeze im light headed, and my fan is on and my window is open...and i can still kinda smell it when i walk in my room. What are some suggestions to help? I don't mind the smell but i kinda don't want my rents to notice, if you know what i mean
  2. smelly proof bags
  3. Ya i'm already using those. Still can kinda smell it even with em
  4. Then there not smell proof :smoking:
  5. true that man lmao
  6. That must be some dank if you can smell it through all that..
    Spray every fabric in your room, it may be coming from something that touched it.
  7. yeah dude, i've smelled some danky danky that you could smell from a mile away, but no way if your set up is as you say it is, should you smell even a hint of herb. I've put my dankest dank in a glass jar and that sealed the smell alone. Your more likely to be smelling whatever you smoked out of.
  8. Your airtight jar isn't airtight...
  9. Are you high and just smelling the inside of your nose/sinuses which smell like weed? That nasty trick's been known to catch the best of us haha.
  10. You must be doing it all wrong...
  11. I had some sour diesel that smelled like that. I had it in a small bag, a ziploc bag, and then a pill bottle in a shoe box. I couldn't smell it if I kept my closet door closed but if I took a nug out the room would wreak. It's kind of funny, the trainwreck I had after that just had a real piney citrusy smell and was great but did not have that incredibly strong scent.
  12. maybe the smells on your fingers from touching it?
  13. Tupperware or a small vacuum jar from headshop, $5.oo

    No Herb smell, Priceless:D:D:smoking:

    sorry, just Blazed and couldn't pass up the opening:D:smoking:
  14. Here is my suggestion......all of those storage containers are intangible, and merely the mind product of a paranoid people living in a overly protected nation. :smoking:
  15. my closet reeks too. i just put it in a jacket, then put dryer sheets in my closet
  16. hahah i had the same problem, but i figured out that it was my nose that smelt like weed. i mean when i got this shit it smelt so dam dank i couldent stop smelling it and i mustuv got some on my nose.

    try washing your nose? lol i was baked like a bitch
  17. I think it might have been the paranoia. Now its just my closet that stinks but only if its open. Lol i think ive been around it too much lately..i feel like im smelling it everywhere sometimes :smoking:
  18. Triple bag that shit or even quadruple bag it even... and place it in an air tight jar.

    More or less likely you can paranoid from the strength of the smell you trick your mind into thinking you can still smell it.

  19. So true, everything smells like weed when that happens.
  20. wrap the weed in like 20 dryer sheets and there will be no smell if it still smells through all that stuff.

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