What a shitty year for weed, for me atleast

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    The past few months have been shitty as fuck,

    1.I got kicked out of my friends/dealers house for asking to see the scales(because the sac was totally wack)

    2: I had NO weed for 4/20, which is my birthday, so i was totally pissed of about that,

    3.At a party one of my friends lost the bowl to my NEW Glass bong that my Good friends bought as a gift for me for 420/my b-day(same day XD)

    4. There has been a fucking dry spell for weed, my last time smoking was last week and i only had 2 grams, and the last time before that was 2 weeks,

    5. Getting shitty advice from friends....there's this guy in my small town, and he was friends with my big bro, and i knew him, and knew he dealt, but i was not to sure bout calling him for dope(i was dieing for a draw), so i was asking my friend to go bout it....cuz i was kinda nervous(idk why, i guess cuz i knew this dude since i was a kid, and hes alot older than me lol), but my friend was like..just call him up and ask him if he could sell ya a draw....so i was like ok why not...fuck it

    so i calls him up

    me: hey(insert name here), whats up man
    dealer: not much man, you at?
    me: not much man, wonderin if you could sell me a draw?(which is usually how i ask people, and there fine with it)

    and he freaks at me

    dealer: man you can't call me lookin for draws!!, i don't sell draws!!, goodbye!!!(hangs up),

    i just looked at my friend..."yeah...great fucking advice"( but then again i guess it was my fault for actually saying (draw) over the phone, or something like that)

    so thanks to a long line of fuck ups, ive just been having really shitty luck with weed, im dieing for weed, its been so long since i've actually got fried

    and a draw is just what we call a joint
  2. Start growing man.

  3. ya soon enough, im still with my parents(lame right?), and i'm moving in 30-something days to calgary(from newfoundland), so it would be a waste of time to set up a hydro set now
  4. wtf is a "draw"

    sucks dude. dry as fuck here too
  5. oh sorry shoulda said

    here a draw is just another word for joint
  6. Where in Newfoundland do you live?

    I'm in the Placentia/Argentia area in a small town called Dunville.

    Sucks to hear about your problems man, I wouldn't know what to do if I couldn't get any dope, probably lose my mind lol.
  7. Sounds like most of those things are just other people being lame/weird. It's not like any of it was your fault. Original dealer that kicked you out sounds like he was probably skimping your bag, so good move on getting rid of him.

    The next guy was waaay too paranoid for no reason. Does he think the cops are going to bug his phone just because he's selling a little bud?
  8. I live around the st.johns area,

    yea im pretty close to loosing my mind lol, but last night i resorted to resin and got a little lift
  9. I agree with you about weed this year, except my problem is that it's been really dry,QP's turning to a little bit more than an ounce, dubs turning into dimes, dimes turning into nicks....

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