what a night

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by edhead, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. So I was going to have a sleepover (party) last night. I was supposed to get a handle from my brother and my friends and I were going to sneak out and party with these girls. However, my bro didn't come through and another friend was going to be bringing an 1/8, but he couldnt get ahold of it in time. So when everyone came over we had NOTHING, no booze or weed. Since we weren't going to be partying with the girls since we had no juice, we decided to try to find some reef. None of my stoner neighbors had any so we were running out of options. One of my friends decided to see if his dealer had any to sell. He had an 1/8 for $30, but he lived on the other side of town (15 minutes by car). Since we had no car to take, three guys decided to run over there on foot and get the weed. They came back 1.5 hours later and that's when the fun began.
  2. They showed up with an 1/8 of super-dank buds. We started it off right and rolled 3 fat joints. We snuk out of my basement and went to smoke them on a bikepath behind my house. We came back in and had some munchies and decided to pack a few bowls. We ripped them outside and came back in, sufficiently blazed, and finished up the roaches in a vapo. We crammed 7 people into a little bathroom and started hitting the vapo. About this time I heard my dad walking around on the 1st floor, and then he opened the door to the basement. We thought we were fucked but he just came down and saw blankets and pillows and stuff and thought we were asleep (the lights were off). After that scare, we decided to finsih off the bag and roll some more Js and go relax outside. We were all blazed out of our minds and came back in and just chilled until we passed out.
  3. Nice story. I would be shitting in my pants if I heard my dad going to check up on me and my friends if we where chiefin. Fucking super ass lucky man. Sounds like you guys had alot of fun with bowls n joints n vaps. I've never had the pleasure of hittin a vap or a j, pipes n bongs all the way for me.
  4. ^ Never hit a joint?! =-O I agree, bongs and pipes are bestestest.

    Anyway, that's sketchy shit. You guys shoulda just stayed outside. I would've been like BAH! Haha, whatever that's supposed to me. : - D Lucky lucky dad didn't turn the light on hehe.
  5. Yeah I wanted to stay outside and smoke, but we forgot the papers and the piece and we didn't have anything to fashion into a makeshift pipe

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