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What a minute! Am I dreaming this?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TimeSpaceCowboy, Feb 4, 2023.

  1. I bought some 'Nitro' (flower 3.5g) from a dispensary in Denver about 1.5 years ago and couldn't find any references to it online other than 'Nitro Cookie'. Anyway, when I smoked it, after a while I had to stop and pinch myself, as it were, because I thought for just a moment, I was in a dream. It is just a very spacey kind of high. I thought I could describe it better at the time, but words fail me now. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience.
  2. Have had a few strains over the years with a nice trippy feel, almost like hallucinogens or something. Jungle Boys Purple Sunset and its close relative Kush Sorbet both can do it for me. Strangely enough, had some Purple Urkle a few years back that did it too, to the point of like 'whoa buddy, gotta be careful with this stuff!'
  3. 15 years back in Weed is a very very long time, as theirs just so much happened with weed since

    Nanitro = Nitro Cookies x Banana OG by In House Genetics

    Nitro Cookies = Gasmask x Animal Cookies but no listed breeder

    Nitro Express = UK Exodus Cheese x Haze by Kaliman Seeds
  4. You missed the decimal point. It was 8/2021. But yeah, that's good to know.
  5. I recently had an 8 month run of extreme time dilation...but it did start during a medically induced manic phase while smoking high lemonene weed. Good trip. First 3 weeks were a little rough.

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