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What a Marijuana Joint does to ur Lungs [video]

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mclovein, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. HAHAHAHAHAH THAT is sick man, thats so cool.
  2. haha now put it in reverse mode nd use the hose as a self breathing bong
  3. almost all smoking devices are already based off the same principle.
  4. maybe the vac was clean and they put it on reverse and smoked that shit!

    but still lol, that was whack.
  5. lol that joint was not hooked up to a vaccum, there was some dude behind the cardboard chiefin' it.


  6. amen.
  7. I just thought I was born with lungs like that...
  8. LMAO the end is funny as hell but why the waste of weed?
  9. i was getting ready to say this
    :why waste a J asshole

    but then i say what was on the filter and it was WELL worth it lol
  10. lol that vacuum cleaner chiefs hardcore
  11. If that was weed, I'm sure they didn't waste any. My guess is that it's tobacco though.
  12. This would of been a way better video if I had some fuckin' Ganjika.
  13. Y'all are seriously concerned bout losing a joint worth of weed? It's probably schwag they got for practically free. Awesome video. :hello:
  14. Niiiiiiiiiiicccee.
  15. blew my mind bra
  16. You might not want to know the answer...

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