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What a funny situation

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TheHempress, Apr 16, 2003.

  1. Yesterday 2 friends of mine from Carlisle (one of them is JaneDope) came down to visit me, so me, Nic, and my 2 other friends went up to the Horseshoe trail near Manheim. We were walking along the trail and decided to climb some huge rocks to smoke a jay. Apparently it was a popular spot for that because someone had spray-painted "Stoned", "Poke Smot", and a giant pot leaf on the rocks and trees nearby.

    I start rolling the J (it's always my job) when 2 mountain bikers start walking up the hill...we could hear them in the leaves. Ok, this was the worst possible time, b/c I had loose buds on a book in my lap...I couldn't just pack everything up! I had no time. So "Jane" put her purse in my lap trying to hide the weed that was obviously visible.

    We say hello to the two bikers, and wait for them to keep on walking. What do the bikers do? They climb onto the rocks only 5 feet away!

    OMG! What do I do now? We're sitting there all nervous-like, when one of the bikers pulls out a bag and packs a bowl!!! I start laughing hysterically, and proceed to roll our joint, all the time still laughing.

    So we start smoking (they're smoking a bowl, we're smoking our joint) when one of the bikers starts coughing up a lung. I asked him if he was ok, and all 6 of us start talking now. We didn't offer to smoke with them b/c we didn't have a lot left, we didn't want to mooch off of theirs, and maybe they had the same problem.

    Oh well, I just wanted to share, b/c it was very funny at the time :D
  2. Always cool to see fellow stoners in the wild.
  3. You must have been pretty relieved. One time two of my buddies and I were smoking in the parking lot of a park, pretty far away from most of the people but in broad daylight. Anyway, this car drives past and sort of slows down and checks us out. We made some effort to hide the bowl, but it was pretty obvious what we were doing. A minute later the car came back and parked a couple of spots away from us. We were all sort of nervous until one of them pulled out a bowl and started smoking. We ended up talking to them for a while and smoking with them. It turns out that they worked at a prison and were smoking despite drug testing at work, my kind of stoners. When they left one of them ended up buying a dime off my friend. Quite an afternoon...
  4. haha..... thats so funny! i love toking a big fat bowl in the mountains and on trails and shit...... sounds kewl!
  5. good to hear you guys didnt get in any trouble.....I wish I could hang out with you guys still, but I quit smoking pot... :( And I really miss smoking and hanging out with you and Nic.... :(
  6. That's a great story Hempress!!!
  7. That would be sweet. So you all just smoked and talked?
  8. that is a cool story...dang stoners everywhere :D

  9. on my spring break i met and smoked with so many cool stoners....... pretty much in public places too! me and my buddy bought a sack off a guy, he pulls out a j and we light it up then these 2 other guys come outta nowhere with a joint and a bowl and we just chilled with them for a while. it was fun as hell.

    smokin in nature is awesome, ESPECIALLY in the mountains
  10. great story hempress.

    reminds me of bakc when i was livin in Dundee...

    I was walkin along on day not far from my flat, when a guy stops me and asks straight up "hey, do you smoke hash?", a little suspicsious I hessitate and say "uh yeah..." so this guy hands me a lit half smoked J that i hadnt noticed him holding. i smile big and say, "thx man" and went about my shopping half cained! :D

    just goes to show..

    It pays to look like a hippie stoner! hehe :D

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