What a Fucked up Dream!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SeriousToke, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. or nightmare.

    i was on a bus, i just grabbed some kush off of my boy and was riding home with it in a capsule in my pocket. well someone noticed the smell on the train and accused me. he saw the capsule and asked for me to open it so i did.

    i pulled out 2 nugs, he looked at them and told me to throw them out the bus window or he'd call the cops.
    so i crumpled the nugs up in my hand and spread them into the wind.

    which meant i remained with like 1g to smoke, when i paid liek 50.
    wow what a rip off horrid dream thank god im in real life now
  2. Or are you?

  3. fuck i'm high as hell right now and this is upsetting
  4. I know eh, I woke up this morning, and my first instinct was...did it really happen? No joke, i got up as soon as i woke up, ran downstairs to my stash, checked on it, realized it didn't actually happen, and went back up stairs back to sleep

    that would of fucking sucked.
    i think majority of us know that feeling.

    i jus got back from the gym so its time to blaze up and forget bout this shit.
  5. All my dreams are either fucked up, or sex dreams haha.
  6. I had a dream i got into a fight, pulled the kids legs out from under him, and stomped the shite out of his face.

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