What a day !

Discussion in 'General' started by Vicious, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Yesterday i bought a half 8 of some white rhino. It was the last of the QP so it was pretty shaky. Kinda pissed but I rolled a huge gar, don't get me wrong this was fire bud. I buster a swisher cigarillo and filled it, I could hardly roll it. No layers of paper, filled all the way to the top. The shake I had left I I chopped up this morning and made four firecrackers and one from actual nugs. I still had enough and smoke 3 bowls still. Then I went to my buddies and they said they could get xans. Turns out the person flossed and I went home. a calzone later my buddy calls seeing if i want bars. I copped them all and gave some to my friends that were trying to get some with me earlier. When I went to get them I smoke some straight fire out a volcano, atleast 10 bags. ate one, and tooted and my friends where were doing them gave me a couple lines when they broke down theirs, don't mind free toots. little disapointed bout that cause I ususally like 2-3 bars in me. Bout to sip a couple drinks, boail up this lobster and grub, start reading my wonderful new book, Rant. Such a good night.

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