What a day to remember!

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    What a fucken day.... So my day goes pretty good and shit. I have been dry for about 2 weeks and i usually get pretty good weed from random dealers. Or atleast thats what i thought. Today was mysteriously different, considering its friday the 13th.

    So it allstarted out with me goin to hang out with some friends i havnt hung out with for about a year. (btw iv been typing this in the subject box the hole time so I had to copy and paste with my fucken iPod. Which took like an hour) ok back on topic. So I was hanging with my rewind and we took a really long walk through a forest with trails. It was really hot and humid out so I was kinda hot. Then we walk to this friends house and pick up some more members for our gang, then we walk like another fucken mile to some place and that's were we would get our weed.

    And that's when I melted, because were I live I'm not used to getting dank weed. so when I saw this guy pull out about a pound of weed, I almost passed out.

    Now I'm kinda hesitant to put down any details Cuase I don't want one of my friends to read this. Butt I think I'll ad alittle quotes here.

    So I'm standing there around this table that belongs in the kitchen with a fairly cool lookin dude, sittin down searching through this bag. I see him pull out this big heavy duty plastic zip lock bag. It looked like easily a pound of chronic lookin weed. He called it "pineapple express". my jaw seriously almost dropped. I was like damn... This was worth that 3 miles I just walked, on the 2nd hottest day of spring ever. So I give him my sealiofoam Thingy to put my weed in... 10$ a gram. So I paid up and got my weed, took a small hit from a 3ft glass bong before I left. Peaced out. And thanked my dealer, Oh btw who used a scale.I felt good. So i went home. And said itwas worth it.

    So that's the story I first laid my eyes on some dank. And I wish all you californians out there a THANKS to sharing your dank weed! It made my day.
  2. I don't grow, but no problem bro. Always dank up here in northern Cali.
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  4. Lol. Crack head... I don't get it tho
  5. $10 a gram? where can I pick some of that up? Im getting robber over here at $20 a gram/$60 an eigth!
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    It was his "shag" (according to him lol) But it's cheap usually in smaller towns which is where I live. Western Michigan btw.
  7. lol funny story.
  8. I'll remember this day forever/.

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