What a day.....ARG!!

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  1. I just want to vent. I was in a car accident Jan. 16th of this year. It was not bad at all. In fact, calling it a car accident is even too generous. It was a bumper to bumper at 5 miles per hour. It was a very foggy morning. I was on my way to campus driving my families Mercedes when the women in front of me abruptly stopped in stop and go traffic. I was inching forward and bumped into her. Yes it was my stupidity that I hit her, but I only hit the towing extention on her HUGE SUV!! It hit my light, shattered the glass and dented the front of the car very slightly. A police officer was a few cars behind me- and stopped at the scene. He asked us if we were all okay. We were. The women even made a comment that should would have never known I had hit her if it wasn't for the sound of shattering glass.. or something like that. We pulled into a parking lot- exchanged information and we were on our way. Let me set the scene for you a LITTLE better....

    small sports car.. hits a HUGE SUV inching along....= NO DAMAGE WHATSOEVER!!!! She only had some glass on her car. THAT WAS IT.

    The police man examined the scene, as I said, and sent us on our way. There was no reason for reporting the accident he said.....

    March 23rd......2 months later:
    I get a phone call from my insurance agent. The women is making a claim. Not even that- SHE HAS HIRED AN ATTORNEY!!! She is claiming I hit her going more than 45 miles per hour, that I totaled her car, and that she suffered from whipblash along with a pulled neck and an injury to her spinal cord.

    .....WTF!?!?! Are you serious!?! The problem- they have no way to disprove it. It is my word against hers. You could obviously tell by the damage to my car that I did NOT hit her going 45 miles per hour.. that I did not even total my car- how could I have totalled a huge SUV...

    So my question to you is this- why are people allowed to get away with this? My insurance has to pay her money. Probably not the amount she is asking, but because I hit her they are required to. Now- I am women enough to admit when I am wrong. I am women enough to say- "wow, i must have hurt her worst than I thought. Give her the money and Ill pay the extra for insurance.' HOWEVER- I KNOOOOWWW none of this happened.

    my insurance is going to fight it, but the women is very persistant. Supposidly im going to be taken to court if there isn't a settlement........

    :confused: any thoughts?
  2. Do you remember the cops name?? He could testify in court. I assume he didnt right a report. If he did, even better. Shes just a scamming bitch. I hate people like that.
  3. What about the police report? If there is none find out who the officer was and talk to him and see if he will be a witness.
  4. Get doctor records to proove she actually had whiplash.

  5. Problem is... didn't get the offiicers name. I am going to do a bit of a scavenger hunt to try and find his name. The point is, why do people find it necessary to take advantage of the system in place? It really screws it up for the rest of us. They are out for themselves, to get money and make themselves better even when it is not justified. They do not care who they take the money from. It just really makes my skin crawl to think of this. It would make my skin crawl if I was reading the situation- even if it wasn't me. People need to be honest. Is that too much to ask? Its so hard to have faith in humanity at times like these. I know we have to look out for ourselves but why manipulate your way to succeed.

    .........also i think doctors records are easily....."influenced".
    She also supposidly has pictures.....of her "trashed" car.

    ...yeh okay.
  6. Bitch is what she is.
  7. you said there is no damage to her car. if she got hit at 45 mph there would definitely be damage to her car. once she's threatened w/ charges of insurance fraud, libel, slander, and whatever else you can think of, she will most certainly back down.
  8. You can also get the mechanic that fixed the benz to explain that what he fixed couldnt have been caused by a 45mph accident. Or at least get your receipt of what was repaired and prove it yourself.

    This lady is really dumb. you shouldnt have any problems dealing with this.

    At 45 mph, your "little sportscar benz" which is more like a 4000+lb heavy ass car.... hitting an SUV...

    not too hard to see that soemthing doesnt add up.
  9. Wow i wanna fuckin kill people like this..

    this just got me so fuckin mad i hope you win and she goes to jail for fuckin fraud .. please keep us updated and some people that know the law better give some advice for her :( .. id also sugesst heading to the police department and asking the .. leader? of the cops to post something about a car accideont on x/x road with big (color) suv and small (color) sports car (models ect if u know) that you need him to testify and it would be greatly appricated.. aghhhhh!

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