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  1. OK bare with me on this story, its kinda long but very well worth your reading time. this will be very entertaining...... and e n j o y

    alright check this i tried the emily pill (mdma) for the first time today, and wow my experience was crazy. so i drop the pill on the way to my friends crib and when i arrived i was chillin for a bit, kinda light headed and shit. but then about 45 mins after i had gulped the pill i then unexpectedly felt the E hit me! holy shit and it was awesome, something ive never experienced b4.

    ok and let me tell u at this point i wasnt high or drunk. although i had dropped a 30mg adderall pill in the morning becus i had S.A.Ts, it did not interfere with my E or weed high. actually it contributed cus it blocked out that burnt out feeling after smokin bud. and boy the SATs was a bitch, but the adderall helped me out so much on the test. i was literally feelin the effects of adderall ALL DAY, evn when i was high on E and maryjane.

    ok so bak to the story. its about 6 30 and i feel the peak of my emily high. i was trippin balls and i couldnt really feel my hands, my legs kinda felt heavy but numb, and everything i looked at was crazy, i wasnt hallucinating, but everything looked so weird, like completely different from soberness or weed high or drunkness or shrooms. but so i was lookin at the sky and the clouds were moving so fast and it looked trippy as shit. my brain was blown away at everything i saw. like it was unreal, and something i def have not experienced ever before. also i kept talking A L O T. like i could not stop talking seriously haa. but uh then i was layin down on one of those beach chairs and my friend kicks me outta of it and i fell and it felt so fucking WEIRD. i swear though, my body falling staight to the ground landing on my stomach was the most strangest feeling but in a good way. so im still trippin balls at this point and my peak would not stop. then i went to my friends, smoked alotta ghetto bong hits and my other friend came later with his roor. then me and my friends were like "lets get some more E", so we bought more, 5 of my friends popped theirs and i popped mine also and this was 9 PM eastern time. so were all trippin balls chillin on my friends roof, and at about 12 we take some more roor hits. were all fucked up at this point.

    wow E is crazy, ive always told myself i would never try it, but somehow i ended up poppin E today. and wow, its utterly the most uptopious feeling ive ever had. but im only doin this shit every ONCE IN A WHILE becus i dont want it to fuck wit my head. but yea yo im typin all this shit right now and im still trippin on E and ganjaaaaa. a couple minutes ago my computer screen was shakin up and down it was crazy. but yea E is crazy, its really truly a blessing drug. but i still love the MARYJANE! and yea adderall.... is pretty crazy too, and the last time i took adderall before this morning was LAST WEEK's THURSDAY. not the one 2 or 3 days ago, but the thursday from last week. thats why i was so AWAKE, alert, focused and not burnt out once today. ok man im goin to go mellow out for a bit, then dip bak out when my friend comes to pick me up. im so pissed that my mom took my keys but its all good my friend has me covered. ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND EVERYBODY!

    O YEA AND ALSO ANOTHER THING, E makes me feel really nice, kind, and respectful towards others, especially my homegals&bros. like id b so nice to ppl.... like i had a conversation with 2 employees at exxon when i was gettin gas. we were talkin about them ridiculous gas $$$, but its all i good, i told them i cant blame em but fuck the company headquarters. then when i went to my friends public pool he was lifeguarding at in his area, and i was so glad that this crazy fool was still alive cus i hadnt seen this zigga for awhile. ok and at those two places i was jus talkin bout, i was fuckin still peakin on my E high. so i go into the pool entrance and walk straight inside into the lifeguarding office. haha it was funny as shit, my frend was like "wtf u fool get out" and im jus like chillin there sittin down. and then 2 lifeguards come in and gives me this look like who the hell is this kid, like w/ a really puzzled look. i stood up and was like HEY HEY peeps my name is blah blah blah and then they were like hi my name is blah blah blah. then one of them tell me to leave and im like ok and then as i was walkin outta the office i leaned the side of my body up against one of those lifeguard's long narrow floatation devices. and wow that thing felt sooo good, it like tingled up my skin and it felt nice. and so at that point my friend(lifeguard crazy fool) is like wth? and jus starts geekin out and all my friends were callin me out to come outta the inside of the outdoor pool's office where all the lifeguards chill. so all my friends are histerically talking and laughing at me cus of the stupid things i had just done. we dip out and then yea ...... also mind i tell u this was like 7pm, just left my friends house after i popped the E at like 6pm. wow i was peakin so hard for like 3 straight hours i swear from 6-9pm.

    E is really a happy drug, pretty cool, not bad. not bad at all. BUT.....and this is a BIGGG BUTTT......

    .....Still love my maryjane. I ........ never have, never can, and never will neglect that beautiful beautiful sensimilla. PEACE OUT FOLKS & EVERYONE MELLOW OUT THIS WEEKEND

    o ya, haha shit my bad to still keep u up on this story, but i wow today has seriously been one of the top 3 most amazingest days of my life. and like i said b4 i ccouldnt stop talking, and i dropped E like 2 hrs ago and im still really talkative, like not actual talking cus no one is here with me, but in my head, and on this thread, i seriously cant stop my brain from commanding my fingers to type every word ive been coming up with right now. haha shit ok im outta here. Rest In Peace w/ that BUDDHA everyone & have a wonderful delightful WEEDKEND ! HaHa
  2. I'm getting a triple stack for my first time in like two weeks.
  3. haha you crazy
  4. Don't buy into double/tripple stack. Most times its more filler.

    Good story dude, glad to hear you had a good time. I remember when I was first starting.

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