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  1. ok, so here's my first thread started on GC and it's an interesting one.

    so I FINALLY convince my friend (or so I thought I did) to try weed. He has the typical overprotective parents that sheltered him from any chance of experimenting, so he agreed he'd try it with me. now, we see a movie like every week, it's like our hobby, and every week, I'll bring my bowl and about a half E of weed and smoke his car out while he drives us somewhere. I know it's not good to bring the bowl cuz if we get busted, it's a paraphanallia charge too, but I can't roll joints even though I wanna buy a rolling machine. This week is different though because Im driving. anyway, we see this movie called Across The Universe, it's a movie about the 60's, REALLY TRIPPY, wish I got high and saw it. so when we were done, we go back to my car, and I say to him "man, I haven't smoked yet, I want to" he's like "not here, not now, later", so I say fuck that and drive up to the top of the garage of the movie theater.

    we park and there's absolutely NO cars there, so I thought to myself, wow I won't get caught. WRONG! I say to my friend jokingly, "hey any cops coming?" and he's like "YES PUT IT AWAY", sure enough a community service cop car drives up, parks, I start exiting the garage, he follows. I leave the movie theater, he follows. I turn out onto a different road, he follows. I'm fucking freaking out now cuz Florida has the WORST laws for possession (up to a year). so he starts going slow and he's on the phone and we thought he was calling my plates in for backup. I'm high, I'm MAD paranoid, and I have to maintain myself enough to drive and not do anything stupid. so we pull into a mall and sure enough he follows, I exit the mall, he follows, but goes in another lane and goes back toward the movie theater.

    I breathe a little sigh of relief and we go to BK cuz we're both really hungry. well, we get there, and sure fucking enough, there's a cop car sitting there watching if anyone's speeding. it was a coincidence, but a fucking scary one. we park, watch for the cop, and go back to the theater to see another movie.

    ok fast forward to when the movie theater was too crowded so we got our money back. we then decide to go to ANOTHER mall to see this movie, it's about a half hour away, so I say fine, I stopped by my house, dropped the bowl and weed off so even if cops DID pull me over, I had nothing on me.

    So we get to the mall, everything's fine, we're really excited. I didn't get a chance to eat at BK because I was so nervous but my friend did so I told him Imma get something in the mall. AGAIN we park on the top story of the parking garage, there's no one there, we're ready to walk down when we see these 3 kids with these SCARY ASS masks on. like phantom of the opera shit. we're fucking freakin' because one of them stared us down, and then made a motion with his hands like he had a gun.

    so we hightail it the fuck outta there and go back to my house and then to walmart just to "recover". we get to walmart, and yep, there's a cop waiting there. coincidence again, phew.

    I'm hungry, paranoid, and coming down at this point and we decide to go to ANOTHER town, not that great of an area, to see this movie Brothers Solomon. we see the movie, I get nachos cuz I'm STARVING, and we leave. when we walk out, you guessed it, there's a cop car waiting outside. ANOTHER coincedence.

    I just dropped him off like an hour ago, and it never felt better to be back home.

    my question for you guys is if the community service cop really wanted to bust me, he'd either not give up on following me or called for REAL cops to come follow me and pull me over. I'm just wondering if they even have the power to arrest? anyway, Im out of weed, cuz we threw it away, and it SUCKS being dry. hopefully I'll pick some up tomorrow.

    AND MY FRIEND DIDNT EVEN TRY WEED AND IS MORE AGAINST IT NOW! You just can't convince some people for whatever reason.

    thats it for me, later GC!:wave:
  2. Wow dude, welcome to the city. and nice first post.

    fuckin pigs suck. I hate em'
  3. that 'service' cop is nothing the second he drives or steps off the property he's paid to watch

    he can call real cops but had he touched you off that mall/theaters lot he'd be in violation of the law since he has no right to stop frisk or search someone in that situation

    since he couldn't do so he wouldn't have the right to make a citizens arrest thus he's a mall cop with more balls than brains for following ya

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