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  1. So I am a year removed from high school...was gonna go to the University of Alabama but my parents told me they had no money to give me and I couldn't afford it. So I ended up joining the Air Force, I was sort of pushed into it...Of course I made the decision myself but parents and grandparents were really pushing for me to join.

    So I did in December, and I am still here waiting to leave. Have yet to have been offered a job that I said I was interested in...I went in thinking I would probably be able to land the weather job, awesome job I would absolutely love to have. My recruiter told me it was a common job but obviously he lied.

    Anyways My Grandfather told me recently he has ten grand for me to use on educational purposes and I have some money myself...I am very interested in going to UA and pursuing a criminal justice degree. Problem is It will piss my parents off, I've been living with them rent free. I also fear that if I do end up going USAF that I may very well never go to college. I also want to enjoy college and life, living on my own.

    Follow my heart and say screw the expensive loans and go to UA or save a ton of money and join the USAF and keep family happy?
  2. I would have joined the military several times but they won't let me in because I have a GED and no college credits.
  3. It's never good to do anything 'just to keep someone happy' if that person is not you.

    It's your life. Live it. If you really want to go to college, do it.

    My family couldn't afford to put me through college. I was not going to let anyone hold me back, and through scholarships and lots of expensive loans, I was the first in my family to ever go and graduate, from a really renowned school at that.. I set an example and now all my cousins are in college.

    Paying back the loans suck, but just about everyone my age is in the same boat, and eventually it won't be so much as a financial issue, once I get my master's and start my career in the field of my degree.

    My question is, if you are already enlisted, how are you going to just say fuck it?

    If money is an issue, you could always fulfill your 4 years or what not in the air force, and go to college after or during. Don't most military branches pay your way through school? I don't claim to know a lot about how that works (despite my sister being in the navy), but I know that a lot of people join in order to go to college.
  4. First off, I'm struggling to understand where you think the AF is a bad choice when it comes to college? Maybe you should take a closer look at the GI Bill benefits that you will automatically qualify for (they'll pay you around $600/month just for going to school part time, and that's a check EVERY MONTH, not just at the start or end of a semester. You can double that number (actually more than that) for going full-time, so I wouldn't count out your future with the Military just yet.

    As far as your Grandfathers generous offer, I'm confused as to why this would piss your parents off? They should understand that you have an opportunity there, although if it were me personally, I would go the USAF route. Serve four years and take advantage of tens of thousands in GI Bill funding to pay for college (probably 100%, including books)
  5. i would rather die than join the military.
  6. Its your life man, live it how you want to, don't let anyone or anything get in your way

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