What a bunch of BS!

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  1. Not only, did they increase taxes on medical, but the Liquor Distributors were granted a Restraining order giving them the sole right of distribution of recreational!
    Additionally Reno has but 5 dispensarys in town (including the 2 in the Neighboring city of Sparks)..Now the Sparks dispensary s mus wait until July 10th to find out when they can sell rec to the public!
    Another good reason to grow your own!
    Politicians are Turds..PERIOD!
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  2. I kinda agree,
    I live in NC, here they are 100% T-O-T-A-L S-H-I-T. No two ways about it, say one thing, do completely another thing. They can not be trusted at all. Politicians are like that old joke about lawyers, what do you call 100 of them at the bottom of the ocean: A GOOD START. Just a Good Start, No more, no less.
    Regards till later....
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  3. Nevada did a weird thing with the alcohol distributors and rec.
    I've been paying attention to it somewhat but since I grow my own, it doesn't really affect me.
    I just wish they would get their act together. Stinkin' politics. No thanks..
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  4. Yeah..I think the alcohol distributors thing was snuck in on the original ballot question where we couldn't see it without reading the whole thing, which hardly anyone does! Your 100% spot on..GROW YOUR OWN!:)
  5. It is sad that big business are so easily able to influence politicians and the law-making process. If not for alcohol and pharmaceutical corporations pressuring and bribing the government, weed might have already been legal a long time ago.
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  6. Well, it's official - Nevada will start selling recreational marijuana this Saturday July 1.
    Dispensaries will most likely run out of weed quickly is my guess. Tourists ya know..
    Ha! Mrs tangent and I have our own med and rec stash already and more plants just beginning the flowering stage.
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  7. How are these prices compared to other states that have legalized, if you know, that is? My friends and I are curious?
  8. Sorry, Not sure..Just familiar with Northern Nevada prices..And ONLY out of curiosity..I grow my own now!
  9. So - tourists enjoying their vacations in Vegas, Reno or Tahoe can walk into a dispensary July 1 and buy recreational weed.
    They've got no place to smoke it.
    Casinos won't allow it. Certainly they don't want their hotel rooms to reek.
    They can't smoke in public places. Can't light up in your rental car.
    There are no clubs to use their stash in. Can't toke in a bar.
    The only legal place to smoke is in the privacy of a personal home.
    I have not yet heard of any hotels or motels catering to the cannabis crowd.
    What's a weed loving tourist to do?
    A big part of recreational in Nevada was to collect revenue and taxes from tourism just like gaming has for decades, but have not provided any place to use it.
    Maybe the edibles market will be huge for tourists. Eat a brownie and trip on the Strip...
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  10. Never really thought about it, but you are so right! The desert will be full of high tourists!! Hahhahhah
    hear anything about Sparks Shops? The few in Reno will be swamped..News will have a heyday!!
    I will celebrate by lighting up a fattie of my own, in my own yard....:)

    Hope they all bring scissors..those childproof bags are a real bitch to get open..LOL
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  11. There are no mights about it, I know it would be legal by now.
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  12. The city by city, county by county thing runs totally contrary to how the voting went in California. Both the City of San Diego and San Diego County voted weed in by a solid margin. Yet the county supervisors in San Diego think they know better than the popular vote and have banned it in all non-incorporated areas. Can't wait to vote those clowns out. The City of San Diego appears to be kinder, gentler but has not weighed in on a couple key aspects of what is and is not legal.

    The "dry county" "dry city" concept is ridiculous when the vote has already made it clear what the people want.
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  14. It's funny how this country used to be smart...100 years ago. Back then this country thrived on cultivating cannabis , but somewhere along the long someone got a wild hair up their ass and seen cannabis potential and it was going to be detrimental to their industry ,i.e. Steel , textile, wood, paper, a reliable form of medicine , one that doesn't cause life threatening side effects , a while industry of jobs , the list goes on of the potential of this plant . Here is the back of a ten dollar bill from 1914 where it shows the hard work involved and the rewards of it. Where they are harvesting hemp . Also cannabiss ability to support a nation [​IMG]

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