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Discussion in 'General' started by highawatha, Sep 8, 2001.

  1. my friend is really going thru a hard time right now. hard is not eventhe word. her husband hashuge emotional/jealousy problems and lives in in own little world for a good deal of the time. my friend has been dealing with this for years,2 yrs straight beingbeaten and verbally abused. after being accused of somthing she did not do. her man has his own little scenero in his head and thats the only story/answers he's l;ooking for. anything else..and to him its one fat lie. this believe it or not is a 4 1/2 year ordeal. i have walked her shoes and its not easy. things had been wonerful for them for many months then boom, it was on again only this time she has informed me he has guns,and rifles. (he hunts and generally this is what theyre for...untill he this morning walked out with one to....? who knows maybe it will be over for her. one way or another.
    um sorry i didnt know where else to put this...pray for my friend....
    keep peace in your hearts.
  2. Oh, Highawatha, I'm sorry to hear that :( ....I'm thinking positive thoughts your way...Let us know how she's doing.
  3. Sorry to hear about your friend. She needs to contact someone who will protect her from this man. I am in the process of bbuilding a battered womens shelter. I wish the shelter was finished. I have a list of about 16 women who need a place to go to get away from abusive spouses or other abusive people. If you need some advice please contact me through E-Mail or instant message, and i'll do my best to help.

    ~~Bud Head~~
  4. its a good thing your doing bud, and if it can help in any way id be more than happy to let u have it.....every womans story may be different...but there all the same.
    youra good man peace
  5. peace!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Highawatha, If men would take ten minutes a day and do nothing but think positive things about their wives and what they do for us instead of what we want them to do, the world would be a beautifull place for all of us. There are so many beautifull women who are abused for being beautifull. Makes me want to condem these men. Please remember I am not talking about all men , just the ones who abuse.

    I don't have a colledge degree, or special type of schooling, just common sence and love for our ladies of need.

    Peace to the ladies of the world. With out them, where would we be?

    ~~Bud Head~~

    The New Wave for women, no men allowed unless the ladies say its OK..
  7. i agree, yuour a smartman mr bud. even if a man cant drag out somthing nice to say to his lady...least he should just keep his paws off of her and let her go!!!
    *onalighter note* my friends husband is VERy unhealthy and way overworked (by choice)... soshe;s do for happiness someday :) i think she's COUNTING on that
  8. Now i know you are talking about me. I work at least 70 hours a week. Now that i have started "The New Wave" I will be working 80 or more hours a week.

    Men should let women be themselves. No one should be a slave. If a person must have a slave then, they should make themselves a slave.

    Talking about health problems! I have had two heart attacks and i am only 38 years old. In my opinion they were caused by my wifey who only wants what she wants. I wouldn't wish her on anyone male or female, if you know what i mean.

    There has been times if it weren't for the good ole bud, I might have done some drastic things. Keep the faith that not all men are assholes and not all women are bad..
  9. if everyman were as kind ,mellow. and thoughtful as you. EVERYONE OF US WOULD BE HAPPY. its only one or two that make us wonder. be careful with your heart you are a young man......its scary
    :) peace
  10. Thanks Highawatha, for the kind words.

    This heart of mine gets stronger every day. I exercise every day and take a handfull of vitamins. The first heart attack was August98 The second was Jan 00, some scary stuff. If I had to do things over again I would have been seriously taking care of myself when I was a kid. You just never know till it's to late.

    Better days for you.
  11. Ok highawatha, we need an update today. I hope all is well. LET US KNOW.
  12. i will try and merge the 2 topics together.
  13. thanks aero, im like a monkey in the poduce section with all these new buttons. ~!~lifes hard and i know she'll make it. AND zonedude,...ill pass that along too :)
    peace and luv
    take good care of yourself stud...um sorry gals bud.:)
    peace and luv
  14. Hey zonedude, I need to hire you for chief security when I open the doors to the new center.
    Let me know if you are available!!

    Highawatha, how are things going with your friend. I hope she is doing better.Let me know if she needs my help.

    You may call me stud anytime. If the others get jelous, i'll fix things.

    Peace and luv to ya, ~~StudHead~~
  15. only if you promise, when it "slips"out now and again.
    um my friend made it thru in one piece...a little worse for wear but hanging -inthere-
    luv to u all
  16. It's good to hear your friend made it ok. This world is getting on my nerves. Men beating on women is just not right. All men should luv their women!!!

    I'll protect you from my other special ladies, I promise cross my heart.

    As soon as my permits get issued, I will tell you the best way to handle abusive people. For fear the Gov. will see this I can't reveal this proceedure just yet. It will be every womans blessing. A little thing I have come up with that will work for abused women. It will stop man or woman in their tracks like hitting a brick wall. Women will loooooovvveee it. It only cost 27.00 dollars and you never take it off.

    Love ya sweetie, Take care of the ones you love,
  17. Bud Head...always the diplomatic one! Bud Head is for ALL of us to share, Highawatha! He's got quite the harem ;)

    I'm glad to hear your friend is okay, too. But no one should have to live in fear of their significant other, or of any human being, for that matter. It's a scary, lonely feeling.
  18. I hope things are going better for your friend, Highawatha. :)

    I can empathize with your friend's situation, completely. I hope she can get clear of it, and get on to the process of getting things back to a more balanced state. My ordeal with my ex lasted 3 1/2 yrs, and the damage control is still on-going. I've found that the damage control is the hardest part. I make no comparisons between my experience and her's, other than to say it's a motherfucker of a hard road. So, I would get her out of there, and get her into the process of healing. There'll be plenty of it needed. I've been finding that out the hard way.


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