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what a beautiful day!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Ilikesmoking69, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. work 3rd shift so just woke up in the GREATEST mood. open my windows and its roughly a beautiful 45 degrees with the sun shining and the snow melting. hopped in the shower got out and and grabbed a big bowl of fruity pebbles and a couple nugs and now im just getting high as hell to this beautiful weather! im gonna go for a bike ride later too!! havent done that since november haha hows the weather in your neck of the woods?! get out and do something today!
  2. Here its about 70 degrees with a few clouds and it feels amazing. Im going mountain biking later today
  3. Still a bit of snow around will be maybe like 3 weeks before i can go biking that would be awesome right now though
  4. I woke up 2 62 degree weather. I loaded a bong up and stepped out on my balcony w/ a cup of coffee and toked up. Its a great feeling...
  5. It's been beautiful here in NC I just roll up a j and go on the back porch of the house and blaze, I just did and I have one more class today here in a little.
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    same here its 72 outside, 76 tomorrow, lol if it was 45 here i woudl be freezing my ass off in a thick ass winter coat , i cant stand cold weather
  7. its prolly in the 80s down here in ol sw florida very nice day out though
  8. haha 45 degrees is welcome after consistent weather under 10 degrees and a lot in the negatives! road my bike down a couple trails nearby and just now got back think im gonna blaze a bit more :hello:
  9. its 53 degrees here in michigan :)
  10. 68 here in missouri but lots of melting snow and its raining. SO A SHITTTY DAY.

  11. ya not to long ago in the midwest it was like 10 below its fuckin 65...67...somewher in the there
  12. its around 30 degrees here. snow and its a bit cloudy, but i am going to the gym to get a work out. then ima blaze a bowl in my my car. a very beautiful day indeed brother
  13. its 48 here and theres an overcast so it was the best skate weather we've in a while. i just got back from a nice session and am about to relax and smoke a few bowls. good shit
  14. The weather here freakin' sucks.

    Around 0 degrees celcius and grey as fuck. I hate it. No blue sky, no sun - not even snow.

    Just grey skies, dead trees and freezing winds. I WANT SUMMER BACK!
  15. you think thats bad? at least it isnt 80 degrees with 99% humidity(exageration, but holy shit it feels horrible..)

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