what a bad weekend

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by miamidopeboy, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. whats up ppl well i just had to get it out such a bad last few days, so my dad catches a case on some second degree shit on friday morning, i couldnt even think about it cuz i had to go on a trip with female #1. the only thing was i am so paranoid cuz im growing my own plants so i harvested one in case i somehow would get my place searched in connection with my dad. i collect all my shit like bongs scale and the plant i just cropped into buds and throw them in a brown bag and hide it all in my car, i figured that the bag would dry it , anywyas i leave dont even enjoy my weekend cuz so much shit on my mind and at night i go off and smoke my blunt without female#1knowing so you know how stressful is that. so w/e finally come back and im like yes my car will smell so sweet (we went in female #1 car so i left my car at my crirb) and as it ends up the whole harvest off that one plant got fucked. so yeah i smoked a couple blunts of some hydro and now i just picked up some fire shit, oh yeah and i forgot the only thing i could think of this weekend besides my pops and my plant was female #2, i just realized that eventually im gonna have to let either female#1 or female #2 go and i been with them for 2 years and there both wifeys for real i love them both it sounds fucked up but w/e thats how itis, i dunno shits so fucked up , im so hungry
  2. damn that sucks, hopefully sit starts lookin up.and thats got to be a hard choice if you been with both girls for that long.anyways, good luck.
  3. Im so confused.... did you bone them?
  4. Goog luck on everything man. like RDP, i hope itll start lookin up and you can make a good decision.
  5. hey...i live in miami too!
  6. Wow..i dont understand.

    Please give me the reasons why your harvest was fucked and shit..and with the bitches..idk?
  7. totally not cool bein with 2 girls at once that you supposedly "love"...sorry but that just isnt cool imo...

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