What 2 do on shrooms?!?!?!?

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  1. Ok people... I really need your help on this one.... I live in a city thats not to big and not to small... say 300,000 people give or take... but there is literally nothin for people 2 do here... So my question is, what can I do or create to make a shroom trip a fuckin blast? And if your wondering wot kind of city I live in just think Anchorage, Alaska... Please help..... I like the warm, fuzzy, happy trips.... Any ideas? thanks.:hello:
  2. Well, I assume you're thinking about doing it alone judging by your post...

    In that case, get good music, movies, a strobe light maybe, and a lot of weed. However, my favorite thing to do on mushrooms is to go out into nature...so amazing.
  3. Get on a motorized bike of any sorts. You'll be amazed. Just be careful on a dirt bike.
  4. I just wanted to clarify. I don't plan on doing them alone. I plan on doing them with my best friend... the thing is this is really important to me. I have to get it right this time because there has been some fucked up shit that has happend recently, also I have let him down from how I have been acting.... So this is my last and only chance to make things better.... So think it lame if u must, but please understand that this is of the utmost importance to me. I need to make this a good one cause the first one we were at his dads house and we had to try and b quiet and couldnt do n e thing resulting in a horrible trip. please people, help me out here. Thanks:hello:
  5. Woods. find them. go there. sit. bring an ipod maybe? somewhere you can chill w/o being interrupted
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    Whats the dosage you and your buddy are taking?

    If it is reasonably high(more than an 8th), pop a squat indoors and watch some good films, turn off the lights and listen to some GOOD TRIPPING MUSIC*, let your mind take you where it will. Last time I tripped I went from starting inside, going outside and staring at trees and being absorbed in sounds, went back inside and played those AV direct plug in game systems that had space invaders/ms.pacman/spongebob games(I fucking OWNED some jelly fish with Sandy), then we came up with the idea of a smoke ring room and smoked an 8th of dank in a small room while telling stores every time the bowl was passed, then went into a narrow hallway and turned it into a rave room(VERY TRIPPY) with a strobe light and good ass music going on, then took it to the living room to watch a ballin ass flick(Neverending story..GREAT movie while booming).

    Anyway, that was one of the best times of my life and I tripped with 8 of my good friends. Nothing beats it. But do you see what I mean about the random fun you can have?

    Either way, just visit mother nature and let her take you by the hand and show you wonderful things. There are plenty of things to do while tripping, just open your mind and delve right into sensory heaven. :wave:;):D

    BT- This Binary Universe. (Amazing)
    Then there is of course the old trustys like Pink Floyd, Tribal Music, etc.

    Have fun!
  7. go out in the woods. there is no other way to trip on shrooms. me and my friend like to go out in the woods and pretend like its our own world and no one else exists. we call it freedom land and just run around like little kids laughin our balls off and totally forget that the rest of the world out side of our woods even exists. sooooo much fun. and trippin at night watchin the stars and just bullshittin with friends is great too. the shrooms manufacture millions of stars that arnt really there and they all spin and flash and dance across the sky.
  8. anything and everything you find fun doing sober.

    but don't drive, or go boating, or operate any heavy machinery.

    it could be the end of you.

    chill t home and play video games.
  9. i went and saw, saw4 on shrooms, prettty crazzy
  10. Do you find yourselves in control of what you do when you're on shrooms or are you completely whacked out? I don't wanna find myself outside with no pants on a few hours later... And how much is the going rate for shrooms?
  11. I was actually just in Alaska. Its nice to go on a hike and trip.

  12. fucking awesome. i thought i was like the only one who listened to this
  13. nature. shrooms and quiet, lone nature trips were made for each other. Leave the world, music, and all you think you know about life and about yourself behind, and walk back into that which you came from.
  14. masterbate

  15. a bag of mushies up here go's anywhere from 35-50 bucks...

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