What’s your spill on the banana peel

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  1. I’ve been reading about the use of banana peels as fertilizer and I wanted to seek opinions and experience of you folks. Thankya
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  2. I throw them in the compost for the worms. My sister lets her peels dry out and turn black then blends them into a powder and adds to soil it breaks down faster. I’ve also seen a video where someone let it soak in water for a few days then added like a tea.
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    Bananers are high in potassium, and I think the peels are a good source. Also has little bit of Nitrogen and Phosphorous that will release when composted as well. Yeah, I would def. throw them in. Along with other food scrapes/waste (coffee grounds, eggshells, potato skins, carrot skins, etc.) You can't go wrong with that. I love composting.
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  4. I compost all our fruit waste and any other acceptable food waste.
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  5. Thank you everyone. I always compost them and I had been seeing others here talk of teas and powders n such for fertilizer. I’m always getting bananas so I will have a steady supply. As always, y’all are great.:passtheshit:
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  6. Check out @Prepper420 grow journal... he uses a fermented banana smoothy to help boost flower.
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  7. Another quick one. Is it ok to freeze these peels until I get enough to do something with?

  8. I know people freeze bananas ahead of time to make banana bread (mmmm). So I would imagine it would be ok?
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  9. I’ve been looking and haven’t found where it killed anything beneficial but I’m just wanting to be safe.
  10. Everybody that feeds bananas/peels to worms for vermicompost freezes them first. It blows the cell walls apart so stuff breaks down quicker after thawing. This will work to your advantage as well.
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  11. Thanks a lot, this place never misses.
  12. ^^^THIS^^^

    I seldom freeze banana peels, but toss them in the coffee jugs I save grounds in. Gets a headstart with the bacteria breaking down the used grounds.

    My main 'feed' is fresh/frozen comfrey. I'll put a bins worth in plastic grocery bags (I have 7 bins), and just dump a bag in each bin. I don't thaw them first. They separate quite easily still frozen and thaw out in a few minutes. Tried thawing them first, but that just made such a gooey mess it was quickly abandoned.

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  13. I’ve been freezing them but today I did cut one up into small pieces and worked into the top of the soil around one of my plants. Anybody done something like this? I put some in the one compost bin too. I eat a couple a day so it’s a good supply.
  14. I throw old ones that are too ripe in the freezer. I pull several out occasionally and brew up a banana tea. Just seems like a good thing to do :love-mj:
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  15. Yea check out @Prepper420 Grow he makes the FFJ (fermented fruit juice). Also if you want more information on these type of techniques do some research on KNF(Korean natural farming) there’s a guy Chris trump on YouTube that does step by step tutorials on how to make fruit ferments and all types of fertilizers IPM and all that good stuff.

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  16. I don’t freeze the peels either the worms break em down pretty fast as is but now I’m curious to how much faster they’d break em down frozen hmmm.

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