What’s your opinion on a ash catcher ?

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  1. Hello, just wondering if I should get one or not.
    Just looking to keep my new bong clean would a ash catcher do the job ?
  2. Youll still get shit in the bong and in my opinion bongs taste like shit after one use no matter what you do. Ive owned many and used ash catchers. The best thing is to just clean it regularly. Look into 710 cleaner. Or other variants of head glass cleaner. They work amazingly. Plenty of you tubes videos on them.
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  3. Or you could just use a towel.
  4. Ash catchers filter the smoke and collect burnt material, but they're a pain to clean.

    It's really a preference thing.
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    So would you say it’s worth it? If I want to keep my piece cleaner for longer periods and I suppose I would want another filter since during the day the water gets warmer in my bong and I can just keep putting the ash catcher inside my mini fridge to keep the water cold.
    Here’s a pic of the one I would get nothing special.
  6. I'd prefer to use one personally, due to the fact I've used them before and the hits cleaner, and the one you just posted looks easy to clean etc. If you're planning on using it with that new bong I say definitely get it because the perc might get bit dirty without it.
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  7. thanks for the post
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  8. Seriously, you guys just gotta pick up a bottle of bong cleaner and clean them bitches daily. Its a 2 minute thing once you get used to it and start doing it regularly. 710 cleaner works great.
  9. I want to get one because I have a natural downstem going into dual matrix percs and weed can get sucked in and get stuck in the percs. I've used glass filters but they clog easily. An ash catcher would 100% prevent any ash fucking with the perc.

    If you're rocking a beaker or something simple you'll still get the benefits of one but the increased draw could be annoying I probably wouldn't bother on most simple pieces.
  10. I agree, I still wonder why people don't clean theirs as often.
  11. I agree.
  12. Yes I like them and prefer them because,
    a. They smooth the hit b. It keeps the bong cleaner. And depending on the bong, cleaning the ash catcher is easier and especially with the one you show
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  13. Thanks man, looking to keep it semi cleaner for longer and to also get a smoother hit in the process.
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  14. Just saw this one it’s a ash catcher and you can put ice into it. That’s pretty cool in my opinion.

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  15. I don't smoke with ash catchers because it's hard enough to keep a straight bong clean, let alone something with a fixed diffuser. Bongs are coo...
  16. Very well, however depends on the type of bong. Also a regular size ash catcher that can fit in your hands is easy to shake and clean.
    Straight tubes, no need to use ash catcher. An ash catcher may be harder to clean than a straight tube
    Beaker bongs can use an ash catcher if you like the extra perc and less cleaning the main piece.
    Perc bongs and nice bongs definitely use ash catchers.

    YES they help a lot! It’s so easy to clean since they are relatively small compared to a regular bong.
    Your bong will be cleaner and you will be cleaning twice as less often at the expense of cleaning a smaller piece regularly. Definitely worth it imo
    Just my 2 cents’
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  17. They aren't really hard to clean at all. I fill mine with hot water and blow the water out through the opening. I use Mean Green which is
    $5 a gallon at Walmart and gets it sparkling clean. I fill it up and turn it upside down and set it in a bowl. By setting it upside down, it gets the top of it clean. The mean green soaks anything off. The stuff is great. it's just a degreaser/soap.
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  18. Rubbing alcohol and salt, shake, rinse. Not that hard to clean.

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