What’s your go to high playlist or type of music?

Discussion in 'General' started by rickityrecked, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. Personally I like smokin to country, chill r&b, and rap. Lookin for new music too.

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  2. First is the 90s Alt rock, pop/alt and r&b, then to the classic rock and pre-2008 country . I'll toss in a bit of rap from the 80's 90's and early 2000's too
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    First 20 of 39 classic rock tracks on my current playlist for MP3 earbud dancing in the streets:

    Knockin' On Heaven's Door (G&R version)
    Shot Down In Flames
    One Hit (To The Body)
    Hey Joe
    Shot in the Dark
    Runnin' Down a Dream
    Guns For Hire
    She's So Cold
    November Rain
    Back in the Saddle
    Rock The Nation
    What Do You Do For Money Honey
    Monkey Man
    Turn To Stone
    Shoot To Thrill
    Your Time Is Gonna Come
    Hard Monkeys
    Coast To Coast
    Livin' On The Edge
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  4. I'll listen to anything from death metal to country music lol, I usually just make a random playlist on Spotify using song suggestions from them:laughing: I always end up finding songs I haven't heard for years
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  5. That's a decent playlist so far dude I'd listen to it lol
  6. My favorite album:
  7. It depends on the mood I'm in....but it's almost always between hip hop, R&B, reggae, and/or country
  8. Look up smoker anthem by lil flip and somebody else. Its a parody of i can feel it in the air tonight. Ive been thinking bout smokin and getting higgghhj for so longg and ive been smoking on this chronic for all my life.
  9. Never been a death metal fan but I have been getting into more head banger rock and country. And yeah definitely a Spotify user myself

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  10. Rock from the 60s to the 90s, alternative/punk from the 80s to the 2000s, rap, indie music, pop but mostly from the 80s and 90s but some newer shit...
  11. Classic rock current list is like
    Shooting star - bad company
    Kosmic blues - janis joplin
    Magic carpet ride - steppen wolf
    Sugar magnolia - grateful dead
    Rocket man - elton john
    Pocohontas - neil young
    Comfortably numb - pink floyd
    Apartment song - tom petty
    Honey bee - tom petty

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  13. I really enjoy work by these artists when I am high or not, here is a song by each if you'd like to give them a shot.

  14. 70s R&B, Classic Rock and of course Roots Reggae

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  15. Mhm im not very particular about what I listen too tbh. I love all music. My Ipod selection is diverse asf. I always like to select random and see what plays...sometimes I get surprise an find a song I forgot I had. Its a lot of fun!

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  16. Modern Reggue or old blues...even rock from the 60-80's

    depends on strain
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  17. Nu metal, metal core. Something hard fast and has cleanish vocals.

    Mostly been nonpoint, killswitchengage, and In Flames.

  18. Yeeeeeahhhhhh!
  19. They’re some good ones, great suggestions! You should try Words by Kite Tangle Strings, very similar to those

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