What’s wrong with this plant?

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  1. The taco-ing could be due to too much light or wind.
    It's hard to tell, but the leaves might be too green, which indicates over-feeding.
    I'd back off on food and light for a couple days, and see what happens.
    Even if that's wrong, no harm will come.
  2. Yea back the light off a bit.

  3. Look up VPD. Vapor pressure deficit. It looks like your off there which is causing the wrinkled taco look. Seems like your RH is to low for the temps you run. As long as your under like 90°f and your leaf surface temps are under that heat isnt much of an issue its your humidity. Now if your RH is in the 60s (which it every bit should be up until late flower then it should drop to the 40s) and you're experiencing those symptoms then yes you either A have to much direct air flow on the plant or your temps are in the high 90s.

    No way a plant shows those symptoms solely off of heat stress unless your in the high 90s temp wise.
    Temps work in conjunction to your RH all day every day.

    Run 82°f and 65%rh in veg
    Slowly Drop it to around 75-78°f and 45ish%RH by mid to late flower.

    That looks like an 80ish degreee environment with low RH like in the 20s-30s.

    VPD is not stoner logic either its scientifically proven. Tons of studies showing better over all health and appearance when you get your VPD dialed in.
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  4. I wouldn't necessarily jump to backing off on the light until you rule out your RH in conjunction with your temps. I see no signs of light bleaching.

    No point in backing off the lights if the heat isn't the issue
  5. My house heater was at 80-85 because I smoke weed do you think the home is too warm?
  6. Lmao yes 80 degrees to 85
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  7. how do I find out what my RH IS?
  8. For RH you need a hygrometer
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  9. A $10 hygrometer from wal mart will do the trick.

    Also what does your house heat being on 80-85 have anything to do with you smoking? I smoke in my house and it stays around 70 lol.

    Sounds like you're in a cold climate or from the northern part of the states? If thats the case im sure your RH is low in general in your area.

    Cooler air "holds" less moisture. If you're up north the RH is far less than mine here in the south. So low RH in conjunction with high temps will have the effect you're seeing on your plant.
  10. Your plant will even benefit from a plain water misting when the leaves look dry like that
  11. ,82 degrees is fine. 85 is pushing it

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