What’s up with my plants?

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  1. I have a couple plants growing indoors under some LED COBs. They’ve been doing great but all of a sudden they started having weird leaf issues. 2 days ago, I pruned a bunch of partially-dried, partially yellowed leaves off of them. I thought it was like severe nutrient burn because I topdressed with Espoma Plant Tone and fed with two nutrient solutions in a row. They’ve only had plain water for 4 days now. I thought it was resolved, but I just looked in and it looks like more leaves are popping up like that. Could it be “wind” related? I’ve had a box fan blowing on them but I turned it down to it’s lowest setting (it was on high.)

    If not, what do you think it could be?


    More info
    Medium: Soil
    Light schedule: 18/6
    Nutrients: KNF / Ferment Fed
    Age: I’m not sure, they’re old lol.

    Like I said, I’ve been following Korean Natural Farming methods. It’s been working great until this. Been holding off on that and only giving plain water for 4 days now. I make sure and let the soil dry out in between waterings. There are no pests, not even fungus gnats.

    Any ideas? I finally got an in-line fan and a scrubber and I’m ready to bloom so it would be a major bummer to lose these now. Thanks in advance.
  2. It is hard to see with the color of your lights but from the picture they look pretty crispy. I would say nute burn and would try to feed just water until you see them start to recover. I am curious to see what others think as well. Sorry this is happening to your girls!
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  3. I’ll snap a couple in natural light, hold up. Thanks for the sentiment and feedback so far!
  4. Not “natural” light, but it’s white spectrum lol. Any clearer? It’s like the leaves get slightly discolored and then twist up before they dry out..

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  5. what happened to all the limbs and leaves?
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  6. Did you read my original post? A bunch of them dried up like the ones in the photo are starting to do so I removed them to avoid any rot. Before that, I had lollipopped. So they just look extra bare now. Kinda why I’m stressing lol not that many leaves left. Need to get it under control. Any suggestions?
  7. The little “branches” you see just starting on the tops of the plants are brand new growth. Everything before that turned crispy.
  8. Looks to be some sort of lockout or deficiency.
    Most are caused by PH is not correct. I'll attach a chart, follow it like the KJ Bible.
    Ph chart.jpg
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  9. Yeah lol not an option. Working with extinct strains here.
  10. Thanks so much. So plain watering (plain, pH’d water) should correct it, right?

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  11. I think this is the result of too high an EC in your solution. Also note the pH as HD implied.
    I suggest you clone all the parts that you can using an aero cloner. I'm sure that you can get three or four clones from that.
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  12. What is the PH and PPM's of the run off? And what kind of dirt you got there? IDK is that's the problem, but TG's got a point there, you can clone easily and get good plants that are healthy.
  13. No idea what the EC is. Not sure what the pH or PPM of the runoff is, I just watered last night so I’m not sure if I should water it again yet.

    As for cloning, I don’t have access to an aero cloner or even a hydro cloner. I do have rockwool and a dome. Should I try that?? I don’t really have meters or fancy closers or anything like that lol.

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  14. Clone them

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  15. Sorry I didn't read through , didn't see someone said clone .
    I'd keep pushing good ph balanced water through them .
    I think if you got the seedlings through it you could a clone through ,
    think " Bio-dome" .

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  16. So you got extinct strains and no tools.....Those things are a must have.
    Ain't no wonder they are dying, and probably extinct now for sure.

    Yeah I guess I'd try the humidity dome and rockwool. You got any clone gel of some kind?
    Go to fleabay or amazon and get you a 11 dollar PH meter, then a 10 dollar PPM meter.
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  17. Correction - I have a PPM meter buthavent had the need to use it in a long time. For those who don’t know KNF basically = living soil. Haven’t really had a need to test run off or anything like that. Like I said things have been fine for like 6 months + vegging different plants and different strains the same exact way with no issues.

    I did some self-checking for leaf symptoms online and it definitely seems like fan burn is one issue, because the new growth is vigorous on both plants. The issue all started with older growth. I had a 24” box fan like 3’ away from them pointed at them on high. I have since turned it to the very lowest setting.

    Assuming it’s that + a deficiency / lockout, what would be the appropriate way to attempt to fix that? Plain pH’d waterings? If things look any worse I’ll try and clone for sure.
  18. Looks great man.
  19. Potassium def if you get burn alon the leave edge id look at potassium def and try to fix it if in soil or coco add a little molassas. And make sure ph run off is around 6.8

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