What’s this ...leaves coloring

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Bryant88, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. picture ... have a few of em on my plant 8 weeks Into flower ...

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  2. Looks like the plant is starting cannabalizing itself.

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  3. On what part of the plant are the affected leaves from? What medium are you using? Are you feeding her any nutes yet? If so, how much? Can you take a pic of the whole plant for better evaluation?
  4. These 8th week flowering

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  5. Can you take pics but in natural light. Those LED's aren't going to help me diagnose your leaves one bit.
  6. 8 weeks? What does the breeder say about flower time?
    How do your buds look?
  7. Here natural

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  8. This
  9. Looks like nutrient burn to me. By week 8 flower you should already be either lowering your nute doses or discontinuing to feed her altogether.
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  10. Ooooh yeah, surely no feeding is occurring...
    I’m white ash
  11. Don’t say that eating itself what should I do pick it ?...

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