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  1. Hello all! This was my 4th attempt at growing and these are my 1st successful plants.

    I’m assuming I need bigger pots, is there such thing as too big? I really only have window space but they can sit in front of the window.

    I’ve also read about cropping the top, is this necessary and if so when?

    Does the 2nd pic confirm it’s female?

    Lastly, I’m not sure how fast they should grow just being in a window but just being in potting soil from Drug Mart and my window I think they look pretty good. I started the seeds May 1st. What’s next?!

    Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

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  2. They need way more light than your window can provide.
    They're stretching badly.
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  3. I agree, you need a much better light source than that. Otherwise those plants are going to continue to stretch and eventually won't support their own weight, much less whatever buds you get out of them by keeping them there with that light. Either put them outside in direct sunlight or get yourself some legit indoor grow lights. Plus, I'd top those skinny suckers. Just my two cents.
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  4. Thank you! If doing indoor lighting for just the 2 what do you suggest? And how much off the top should go?
  5. I ain't no indoor lighting pro, but I've been hearing Quantum Boards pop up around these forums quite a lot. So you may want to do a search on them and see if they're right for you. Hard to say where you should top with all those words in the way. A closer, clearer shot without anything in the way would help. Personally, I would top them halfway down, but that's just me, so don't listen to me lol.
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  6. And yes, the 2nd pic does confirm a female

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  7. A 5th attempt may be in the cards
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