What´s Your Super Soil Recipe?

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  1. What ingredients go into a great soil, and what are the mixing ratios for 5-gal bux?

    A great potting soil mixture with decomposing matter filled 3/4
    Ground (almost powdered) egg shells - 1 cup
    A few pinches of bat guano
    Bone meal (not sure how much) (maybe 1/2-cup)
    Fungicide sulphur (not sure how much)
    Vermicat (i guess 1 cup) (i guess the more, the better)
    Coco coir - 1 cup

    Anything I´m missing or need to know? Feedback is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance,
    Your Special A-Hole
  2. Also, should there be a layer of these amendments in the top 18 inches or just mix throughout the whole bucket?
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  3. thats not quite super soil bud super soil is a compost that has to cook over about a month minimum. youre just amending soil.

    i use as described on the nutrients as to amount per gallon of soil. i dont use egg shells as they take a bit to break down nor do i use fungicide sulfur

    i use a veg top dressing and worm castings, then make teas with bat guano, alfalfa meal, kelp meal, worm castings and black strap molasses.
    then top dress every 3 weeks.

    also if you want a super soil recipe theres a organics thread yours is missing compost and a few other additives

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  4. Cool. Thanks for the info. About the egg shells, I was told that each time you water the egg shells, they will release calcium as long as their ground into a fine powder. I also heard you can make a tea with your egg shells and water.

    Iḿ not familiar with top dressing. I am going to look that up now. Thanks for the idea of alfalfa meal, kelp meal and strap molasses.
  5. maybe about the egg shells they have to start breaking down before anything is release so that may help. how much or how little idk i only use them in my worm bin

  6. Wow. LOL. I realize what a novice I still am when I talk to other growers w/ more experience than me!
  7. Top dressing makes a lot of sense now, buddy. The top 18 inches of soil is where all the biology is, right?

  8. i dont have a pot thats 18 inches lol you want to feed the mycorrhiza which is the

    The term mycorrhiza refers to the role of the fungus in the plant's rhizosphere, its root system. Mycorrhizae play important roles in plant nutrition, soil biology and soil chemistry

    A mycorrhiza is a symbiotic association between a green plant and a fungus. The plant makes organic molecules such as sugars by photosynthesis and supplies them to the fungus, and the fungus supplies to the plant water and mineral nutrients, such as phosphorus, taken from the soil. Mycorrhizas are located in the roots of vascular plants, but mycorrhiza-like associations also occur in bryophytes
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  9. For strap molasses, do you use liquid or solid?
  10. liquid unsulfured tbls or 2 per gallon it can go up to like 16 tbls per 5 gallon but ive never used more than 2 per gallon
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  11. Hey, Mom. I learned about bryophytes on a marijuana grow site today LOL. Thanks for all the info, man. Very helpful!
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  12. This is my soil after adding 4 ingredients. I water only in veg and use 5 bottles in flower. Holla if interested. Don't want to butt heads with the no tillers Screenshot_20210608-061342_Photos.jpg

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  13. Lol, what about us slightly more reasonable low-tillers? Haha
  14. Just offering a alternative! Some are city dwellers lol

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  15. I'm all for alternatives bruddah, lots of ways to skin a cat.
    Looks like you got a few microbes going on in that soil uh huh
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