Whassup All!!!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Rh0mbie_Babie, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Just sayin whassup to all my fellow budd smokaz :) finally decided 2 sign up LoL too many questionz not too ~~> tryna get on the road to bein a weed connoisseur n i think i have pretty good info on budd {but damn u guyz r f'n expertz}
  2. Welcome Grass Citizen!! lol...

    Hope you get all the information you need plus more!! Remember, its a life style:cool::smoking:!! lMaO!!

    PEACE n POT!

    PS: Get real aquaited with stickys lol
  3. Welcome! I hope you have a good time here at the city.
  4. what is a sticky?
  5. In most forums... There are folder or peoples threads that are always are going to stay top 5 or w.e... sometimes more sometimes less... Those stickys usually have the most relavent info. on w.e forum you are... did I loose at folder ?? lol...

    Your in a place where we all work all for one and one for all :smoke: so If you have any question dont be afraid to ask, and most importantly... read stickys lol...

    You grow trees?
  6. I havent yet started but im tryna figure out my ideal place to grow it {n where it wont skunk up the whole f'n house} ive been readin a lot about it so im leanin moreso twds hydroponics....

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